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Chapter 96: Grounded

Counselor: “It’s because of your sister again, isn’t it? All right, I have approved the leave of absence. Take it and go.”

She was tired of listening to him talk about his sister, so she would just make things easier for everyone this time.

So today, on graduation, everyone from the Tan family was present.

Ming Yeqing’s parents were also at the graduation, and they came to meet the Tan family.

Qin Muye joined the Tan family’s lineup.

After she had skipped grades, Tan Mo was never ostracized again.

Everyone more or less knew that Wei Zhiqian had Tan Mo’s back.

But without Wei Zhiqian, few were like Qin Muxiao, who had insisted on feuding with Tan Mo.

After Wei Zhiqian graduated, the remaining influence he’d left behind had gradually dissipated.

Although the parents of the students had heard some rumors about the good relationship between Tan Mo and Wei Zhiqian, many years after Wei Zhiqian had graduated, most people had gradually forgotten.

The Tan family was very low key, and they never boasted about their good relationship with the Wei family.

So now, the Tan family was standing around at the Jixia Academy and surrounded by parents who were kissing up to each other, but no one came up to the Tan family.

In their view, the Tan family wasn’t worthy of friendship.

But the Tan family didn’t mind and had no intention of taking the initiative to find someone to talk to. Tan Wenci could tell that these people looked down on them.

But even if others didn’t come up to them, they didn’t feel ill at ease.

“There are so many snobs everywhere. I really don’t know how Mo Mo has stayed here all these years, and how much wrongdoing she has had to suffer.” Tan Wenci sighed, feeling distressed.

Tan Mo didn’t hang out with her classmates, but with Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing instead.

Of course, Ming Yeqing was her classmate.

“These people really can’t get rid of their snobbery.” Qin Muye sneered. “Did they forget how things were when Wei Zhiqian was still in school?”

“I’m going to graduate, so why should I care about them? Over all these years, they haven’t bothered me, so that’s enough.” Tan Mo had never taken these people seriously, so naturally she wouldn’t be angry because of their reactions.

Not too far away, Qin Muxiao was looking at Tan Mo with hatred.

Tan Mo had caused her to repeat a grade and become the laughingstock of the whole school.

Back home, even her parents were angry at how she had brought shame to them.

“Muxiao, is that the Tan family over there?” Fang Xiaowen, who was standing next to Qin Muxiao, asked.

Qin Muxiao had repeated the grade, so naturally her classmates had also changed into another group of people.

Without her nemesis Tan Mo, Qin Muxiao didn’t seem so brainless.

There were a few people in the class who were willing to be her underlings and kiss up to her.

“Ah!” Qin Muxiao spoke disdainfully, “That gr

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