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Chapter 93: Willing to Say All Sorts of Nonsense

She has a photographic memory and remembers everything once she has read it.

Sometimes, Wei Zhiqian felt helpless against Tan Mo’s laziness.

She really had the potential to become one of the most outstanding scientists in the nation.

“Is that so?” Principal Mu was slightly surprised and a little skeptical.

Maybe Tan Mo’s science is good, but her liberal arts scores were really amazing. Even if her science is good, it isn’t to the extent of getting a perfect score, right?

President Mu urgently needed outstanding students like Tan Mo, so of course he couldn’t express any doubts.

If she got offended and then enrolled in Hua University, he would feel extreme regret.

“She must come to Beijing University! Beijing University needs talent like her.” Principal Mu had decided immediately.

In order to let Tan Mo hear him, Wei Zhiqian had put their conversation on speaker.

It was as if in order to get Tan Mo to enroll in Beijing University, President Mu was willing to say all sorts of nonsense now.

“Ask Tan Mo to hold off on making a decision. I will have a meeting right away and will formulate a reward plan. I will send it to Tan Mo to go over as soon as it’s finished.” After President Mu finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Tan Wenci held Xu Mingzhen’s hand behind the sofa. “Even the principal of Beijing University is vying for Mo Mo, and she can stipulate any conditions she wants.”

When Xu Mingzhen was pregnant with Mo Mo, she had never imagined that she would give birth to such an exceptional girl.

Beijing University is the university that competes with Hua University for the first and second top-ranked universities in China.

These two universities were almost evenly matched and highly competitive.

“I was right when I said we must have a daughter back then.” Xu Mingzhen’s hands were shaking with excitement.

Moreover, it’s not just the principal of Beijing University who was vying for her. From what Principal Mu had said, it seemed as if Hua University also wanted her.

“I have the urge to rush to the Yuan family’s house right now and tell them all about this.” Xu Mingzhen raised her head and asked Tan Wenci, “If people from Beijing University and Hua University really come here to fight for Mo Mo, should we take Mo Mo to the Yuan family’s house and let the people from Beijing University and Hua University compete for Mo Mo at the door of the Yuan family’s house?”

Tan Wenci: “…”

The three Tan family brothers: “…”

Xu Mingzhen had such a wild imagination.

Tan Jinqi touched his chin and said, “It wouldn’t be impossible to carry out.”

Tan Jinyi was very cautious about anyone of the opposite gender, except his family, appearing beside Tan Mo, including Wei Zhiqian and Ming Yeqing. At this time, Tan Jinyi asked Ming Yeqing sarcastically, “With your grades, you are likely to be the highest-scoring science major on the

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