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Chapter 103: If the Enemy Won’t Move, I Won’t Move

“Brother Keli, were you surprised?” Tan Mo crossed her hands in front of her chest, looking at Wei Keli expectantly.

Wei Keli felt only bitterness. He didn’t feel happy about anything.

Thinking about all the stupid things he’d just said, the more regretful he became. The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous he realized what he had just said was.

“I’m surprised, I’m really surprised,” Wei Keli said with difficulty.

He sounded insincere, but Tan Mo didn’t mind. As if she believed it, she said happily, “I knew that you would be happy for me.”

“Mo Mo is really smart.” Wei Zhiqian touched Tan Mo’s little head and praised her unabashedly in front of everyone.

After seeing this, Tan Jinqi suddenly reached out and put his hand on the other side of Tan Mo’s head and said, “Yes, our family’s Mo Mo is the smartest.”

He emphasized “our family’s” to point out that she had nothing to do with the Wei family.

With the two big hands on her head, Tan Mo suddenly felt an enormous weight.

Before she could say anything, two more big hands were placed on top of her head.

Tan Jinsheng: “Why is our sister so smart?”

Tan Jinyi: “Why is she so cute?”

These four big hands were placed on top of Tan Mo’s head, and they had no intention of taking their hands off.

The three Tan family brothers looked at Wei Zhiqian together.

If the enemy won’t move, I won’t move.

As long as Wei Zhiqian didn’t take his hand off, don’t expect them to take theirs off either.

Tan Mo: “…”

Qin Muye couldn’t help but hold on to Qin Mufeng’s arm tightly and say, “Fortunately, I only have one brother.”

Qin Mufeng smiled and touched Qin Muye’s head. “Fortunately, I only have a sister like you.”

One was enough to worry about.

After Qin Muxiao heard this conversation among the siblings, she turned to leave.

What does he mean by saying he only has only one sister?

Wasn’t she Qin Mufeng’s sister?


Xu Mingzhen unceremoniously patted the back of each hand on Tan Mo’s head. “Let her go!”

Li Xiangrong was a little surprised. Was Xu Mingzhen’s relationship with Wei Zhiqian this good?

She acted so casually with Wei Zhiqian.

Whatever she’d done to her sons, she did the same to Wei Zhiqian.

She even hit Wei Zhiqian’s hand without hesitation.

She was Wei Zhiqian’s sister-in-law, but even she dared not do that.

Li Xiangrong felt an ambivalent mixture of emotions.

She heard Xu Mingzhen say, “Mo Mo is going to be on stage to speak in a while, and now her hairstyle has been messed up by you guys!”

The four held on for a while longer.

Tan Mo didn’t dare to move.

She was afraid of messing up her hairstyle.

Finally, the four of them let go of their hands at the same time, and Xu Mingzhen hurriedly pulled Tan Mo over and redid her hair.

“Speak on stage?” Wei Keli asked in a murmur.

“Yes, af

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