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Chapter 111: I’m Still Young

“Actually, one’s real academic strength will show after school officially starts,” someone said. “Our classmates from all over the country had different exam questions, and it is impossible to accurately do a ranking now. When we officially start school, in college courses, everything will be clear.”

“Yes, Beijing University’s high admission cutoff score and high requirements aren’t without reason. If your scores aren’t up to standards but you insist on enrolling, you wouldn’t understand the courses, and, in the end, you wouldn’t end up learning anything.” Someone nodded in agreement.

Lin Fuxi looked at Tan Mo, who had already sat down.

She would like to see how capable Tan Mo was when she really started her studies at Beijing University.

After the other students introduced themselves, with Tan Mo’s photographic memory, she remembered all the students’ information.

At this time, Teacher Hong said, “We need to have a class monitor now. Because everyone isn’t familiar with each other, there is no way to use the voting method. Those who want to be the class monitor should stand up and introduce themselves. Not like you did just now, but. instead, speak about your past experiences of arranging class activities in primary, middle, and high school.

“Our current class monitor won’t be picked by grades. Of course, your grades are all very good, so you don’t need to use your grades to prove yourselves. The class monitor will be responsible for conveying information about all kinds of school activities to you all, etc., and will be also responsible for organizing various activities. In fact, to put it bluntly, the class monitor will be the butler of the class and will be responsible for many things other than studying, so this isn’t a very easy position.” Teacher Hong smiled, “Everyone should think it through clearly. Those who feel that they are competent enough and have similar job experience can sign up at their own initiative.”

After Teacher Hong finished speaking, unexpectedly, all the students in the class except Tan Mo stood up.

Tan Mo knew that, according to Teacher Hong, it sounded like the class monitor had to be in charge of many things, but wouldn’t that be a chance to exercise one’s management abilities?

Besides, this was a class monitor at Beijing University.

Moreover, for new students, this was probably the best opportunity to get information about various activities of the student council and the school.

The class monitor didn’t sound like a useful position, but it is actually a stepping stone.

It would look good on one’s future resume.

It seems that after studying hard to get admitted to Beijing University, they now have to work hard to get a good job in the future.

Tan Mo shook her head while thinking that compared to them she was really unambitious.

She had her family, so she didn’t need to rely on these kind of things to move up the ladder.

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