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Chapter 79: Sick

“But this all happened because of Zhiqian.” Unexpectedly, Xiao Menghan agreed with Wei Mingwen’s decision. The two of them were trying to persuade the Tan family together. “He deserves to be punished.”

“How could it possibly be because of Zhiqian?” Xu Mingzhen took Xiao Menghan’s hand and said, “Zhiqian was injured. You have already been worried enough. There is really no need to trouble yourself further because of Qin Murong’s mistake. Zhiqian didn’t get injured voluntarily, and Zhiqian didn’t ask Qin Murong to come to visit him. For Zhiqian, this was also an unexpected disaster. Don’t blame yourselves because other people acted inappropriately.”

“None of us have done anything wrong,” Tan Wenci said.

“Right!” Xu Mingzhen nodded vigorously and agreed, repeating what her husband had said, “None of us have done anything wrong.”

Hoping that if she could be forgotten by the Wei family at this moment, perhaps the Wei family wouldn’t remember to tell the sordid tale to the Qin family. Qin Murong tried her best to reduce her presence on the sidelines.

After listening to what Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen were saying, Qin Murong couldn’t help feeling very contemptuous.

Who exactly do Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen think they are?

Riding on the Wei family’s coattails, they’d even dared to rebuke her.

“Butler Zhou,” Wei Mingwen said with a sullen expression on his face, “send Miss Qin away. Give the order that from now on, no one will be allowed to come in except for us and the Tan family.”

“Yes, sir.” Butler Zhou nodded and walked over to Qin Murong.

He didn’t even bother to keep up a pretense of courtesy by politely having Qin Murong leave by herself. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room.

Then he went directly to the nurses’ station and said, “Mr. Wei needs to rest. In the future, except for the two elders and Mr. Wei’s parents, as well as the Tan family members who have just been here, don’t let anyone else in.”

Butler Zhou pointed at Qin Murong and said, “Especially not her.”

Qin Murong had long since lost the desire to struggle. She was already scared out of her wits, and she obediently let Butler Zhou drag her away.

Even though Butler Zhou said such demeaning things about her, Qin Murong still didn’t protest.

“Okay, I understand,” answered the nurse on duty.

Butler Zhou put Qin Murong into an elevator. He stayed outside the elevator, and only stretched his arm in to press the first floor button and the close button. He then quickly retracted his arm and said coldly, “Miss Qin, I hope we have no more trouble from you.”

Back on the ward, after much persuading, Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen had finally convinced Wei Mingwen to give up on disciplining Wei Zhiqian.

Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen breathed sighs of relief.

Disciplining Wei Zhiqian for the idiocy of Qin Murong would have been wrong.

Although they had always felt very conflicted about this kid w

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