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Chapter 95: Couple Dreaming

“…” The Old Madame’s first reaction was to look behind her. Could it be that Tan Mo had already come?

After turning around and finding that no one was here yet, she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she turned around and complained, “Why are you trying to sow discord?”

“Why are you making such a big deal about Ming Yeqing?” the Old Master asked.

“If he’s satisfactory, then when the children reach adulthood, perhaps they can become a couple. How great would that be?” The Old Madame was already thinking about the future. “He and Mo Mo have known each other since childhood so they know each other’s backgrounds. It would be really reassuring for them to be together.”

“No matter what, when Mo Mo falls in love in the future, I will have to check him out.” The Old Madame was now more concerned about Mo Mo’s future than about Wei Zhiqian’s.

“Girls are different from boys. If people marry the wrong person, they can get a divorce, but the consequences won’t be the same.” When the Old Madame thought of Tan Mo’s adorable face, she couldn’t bear to have her suffer the slightest bit of harm. “So we have to be as sure as possible from the beginning to avoid injury.”

“I won’t accept anyone who is not as outstanding as our Mo Mo.” The Old Master said very proudly, “Like this one who scored five points less, there is no way!”

The Old Madame: “…”

She really couldn’t be bothered to reason with this old man anymore.

As the two elders bantered with each other like this, Wei Zhiqian came in with Tan Mo.

“Great Grandpa, Great Grandma!” As soon as Tan Mo entered the door, she threw herself into the arms of the Old Madame and said, “How are you doing? Have you had any discomfort?”

While asking, Tan Mo quietly checked out the Old Madame.

Tan Mo often came to the old mansion, and when she did she often discreetly checked the two elders.

Even though the Old Madame’s headaches had been cured, a little bit of energy could still be delivered every time she came.

She would treat the disease if there was a disease, prevent it if there was no disease, and prolong their lives along the way.

“It’s okay, we are all okay!” The Old Madame looked at Tan Mo with a smile, then touched her small face and her arms. “On the other hand, has your body recovered?”

“I’m fine.” Tan Mo even squeezed out a little muscle on her arm and said, “I recovered very quickly.”

She had only had a fever because of overusing her powers.

After the high fever had subsided, she’d repaired herself and soon recovered.

“Let me take a good look at you two top scorers.” The Old Madame pulled Ming Yeqing over with her other hand. “You two are like a golden couple.”

They were a perfect match, a very perfect match.

Wei Zhiqian narrowed his eyes. The Old Madame’s expression seemed really familiar.

This was how she reacted when she sees couples she likes in TV series.

Wei Zhiqian hurriedly pulled Tan

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