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Chapter 97: Too Impressive

“Tan Mo, don’t play dumb.” Qin Muxiao sneered at her and said, “Brother Zhiqian isn’t going to come today, right?”

Tan Mo said with an innocent look, “When did I ever say that my Little Uncle was going to come?”

“This is your graduation ceremony. Your family is here on such an important day. If Brother Zhiqian really valued you so much, wouldn’t he come?” Qin Muxiao crossed her arms in front of her like she was enjoying a joke. “You might as well tell the truth. In reality, Brother Zhiqian doesn’t take you seriously.”

Tan Mo smiled and said, “What does this have to do with you?”

“You’re as stubborn as a mule! It doesn’t matter to me, but I just can’t stand how everyone has been fooled by you for so many years,” Qin Muxiao said loudly. “Taking advantage of the fact that Brother Zhiqian has graduated and isn’t at Jixia Academy any longer, you constantly are riding on his coattails. Everyone has been deceived by you for seven years.”

Many students nearby heard what Qin Muxiao had said.

Is what Qin Muxiao said true?

“It can’t be, can it?”

“No way if Tan Mo really had such a good relationship with Wei Zhiqian, Qin Muxiao wouldn’t have the guts to wrong her like this.”

“She’s lied for seven years? How old was she seven years ago? How can such a little kid lie so cunningly?”

There were whispers all around.

“Qin Muxiao, enough! Haven’t you forgotten the lesson you learned back in the day?” Qin Muye was clearly very irritated.

Was Qin Muxiao out of her mind?

She must be out of her mind.

Qin Muxiao sneered triumphantly as she said, “Today, I must expose you. I can’t let so many people be deceived by you any longer.”

“Qin…” Qin Muye was about to flare up, but she was pulled away by Tan Mo.

Wei Zhiqian had promised that he would come, so he would come.

It was useless to argue with Qin Muxiao. She would get a slap in the face soon enough.

Unexpectedly, Qin Muxiao continued to dig her own grave by saying, “What? Can’t speak?”

At this moment, they heard surprised gasps and whispers from the surrounding students. “Why is Wei Zhiqian here?”

“And Qin Mufeng, he is back too!”

“I see Qi Chengzhi is back too.”

“And Han Zhuoli…”

“Chu Zhaoyang is also here.”

“Why is Yan Beicheng also back?”

“Wei Ziqi is also back.”

“And Zhao Gushen…”

“What’s going on? Except for Wei Zhiqian, didn’t everyone else go to school abroad? Why did they all come back suddenly?”

“Could it be that the school invited them back as guests?”

“They never came back in previous years.”

Qin Muxiao looked over at all of them in shock.

These former legendary figures of Jixia Academy have all returned.

Only when they were all attending school at Jixia Academy did they ever gather like this.

After they graduated, Jixia Academy had never been able to get them together at the same time.

But today, they actually all came together!

Qin Muxi

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