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Chapter 105: Stick Together

However, her sons had already been grown-ups when they started college.

Adult boys should be independent.

“Let’s go! Let’s all go together,” Xu Mingzhen said with a smile.

As they were walking, Xu Mingzhen was realizing why, although Ming Yeqing was from a prominent family, he didn’t act all high maintenance or stuck-up in the slightest.

His parents had been very strict with him and didn’t spoil him at all.

Everyone went through all the formalities, and then they got the keys to the dormitories.

Xu Mingzhen said, “Let’s go to Yeqing’s dormitory first and help him settle down before going to Mo Mo’s.”

Xu Mingzhen was too aware of what her sons were like.

It would have been different if Tan Mo hadn’t been there, but since Tan Mo is here, there was no way she would be able to convince any of the boys to leave Tan Mo and help Ming Yeqing.

But if she attended to Tan Mo first and made Ming Yeqing wait, after she had seen Ming Yeqing alone with only a driver by his side, she couldn’t bear it.

“You don’t have to go through the trouble.” Ming Yeqing was afraid of causing trouble to the Tan family, so he said hurriedly, “Uncle Zhang’s help is enough, and I don’t have a lot of luggage.”

It was because his family lived in City B that he could go back and get anything he needed at any time.

Plus, he’s a boy, so he doesn’t have as many daily necessities as girls.

He’d only brought a 28-inch suitcase and two 24-inch suitcases.

Bedding items such as sheets, pillows, and quilts took up most of the space. His daily necessities were in the two 24-inch suitcases.

He didn’t bring many clothes, since he could go home to change and wash at any time anyway.

“There are so many places to clean in the new dormitory. How can the two of you alone be enough?” Xu Mingzhen said as she led everyone to the boys’ dormitory. Uncle Zhang probably wouldn’t know where to start.”

Xu Mingzhen forcibly took the large group of people to Ming Yeqing’s dormitory.

Ming Yeqing’s roommates had already arrived, and their parents were also cleaning up the dormitory together.

Ming Yeqing’s room couldn’t fit this large group of people.

It was a room for four people. They slept on the upper bunks. Under the beds were a bookcase, desk, and closet. The room was quite spacious, and there was a long table in the middle.

After Xu Mingzhen, Tan Wenci, and the parents of his roommates met, Xu Mingzhen said, “This child’s parents insist that boys learn to be independent, so they let him come by himself. This child is only 15 years old, and it just so happens that he and my daughter are good friends, so we just brought them here together. He is young, so he will have many things he needs help with in his daily life. Please help him get along.”

“Oh my, he’s been admitted to Beijing University at such a young age. He’s really a child prodigy,” one of the roommate’s mother said enviously.

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