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Chapter 118: These Cruel Words Were All Said by Wei Zhiqian

Tan Mo relied on the green tea skills she had accumulated over thousands of years to not roll her eyes.

How come disgusting people were coming up to her today, one by one?

Tan Mo turned around and saw Qin Murong coming over.

Even the freshmen knew about the legendary Qin Murong.

Especially the boys…they couldn’t help but gaze at this allegedly most beautiful girl in the school.

She was born into the Qin family, was a veritable heiress of a prominent family, and was also the most beautiful girl in school.

Originally, a wealthy heiress like Qin Murong could be seen only on the internet.

They didn’t expect to see her in person at school.

But when Qin Murong walked up to Tan Mo and stood with Tan Mo, everyone discovered that Qin Murong didn’t look…as pretty as she was rumored to be.

Anyway, she looked far worse than Tan Mo.

She was in fact pretty average.

Comparisons are really quite telling.

If Qin Murong had stood there alone, she would have looked breathtakingly gorgeous.

But now that Tan Mo was standing next to her for comparison, Qin Murong immediately paled in comparison.

“Sister Murong.” Tan Mo was still smiling cutely, as if there weren’t any bad blood between her and Qin Murong. “Why are you here? It is still a long time before school starts.”

“Knowing that this was your first day of military training today, I came here to see you.” Qin Murong held Tan Mo’s hand affectionately and said, “How is it going? Are you getting used to it? Are you tired?”

“It’s so tiring.” Tan Mo’s small face was red, and she hadn’t taken off her hat. There was loose hair sticking out of the hat and sticking to her face.

But even so, it still didn’t lessen her beauty.

Thinking about how a little girl has worked so hard made everyone feel really pitying.

Tan Mo acted tired and thought, if I already look so tired please don’t ask me out to eat.

Wei Keli and Qin Murong both had ulterior motives.

“It is like this on the first day, but you will get used to it later,” Qin Murong said with a kind expression on her face. “Go on, I will treat you to a meal. Zhiqian is too busy and might not have time to see you. If he finds out that I didn’t take good care of you, he’ll blame me.”

The freshmen looked at Qin Murong with surprise and curiosity.

From Qin Murong’s words, it seemed as if Qin Murong has a very good relationship with Wei Zhiqian.

To the extent that she is willing to take care of juniors for Wei Zhiqian.

Only wives or girlfriends would do such a thing.

Wait, junior?

Does Tan Mo know Wei Zhiqian?

And she actually needs Qin Murong to come in person to take care of her?

Tan Mo seems to have a very good relationship with Wei Zhiqian.

Of course everyone knows who Wei Zhiqian is.

Tan Mo’s heart got cold. She took her hand out of Qin Murong’s hand and shook her head as if she was afrai

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