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Chapter 91: What Kind of Devious Thoughts Could Tan Mo Have

What if her screaming makes Tan Mo lose her sense of hearing?

Qin Muye: “…”

Ha, ha, she couldn’t be bothered to fuss with Wei Zhiqian at the moment.

“Good lord.” Tan Wenci’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. What was he seeing? “This is probably the highest-scoring liberal arts major in City B.”

His daughter, a 15-year-old, was the highest-scoring liberal arts major!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” Tan Wenci was laughing like crazy as he said, “If Yuan Keqing wanted to harm Mo Mo, she can dream on.”

How gratifying!

“Mo Mo has become really good at giving people a taste of their own medicine.” Tan Jinsheng still remembered that when Wei Keli had heard Tan Mo say that she had screwed up on the exam, he couldn’t hide his expression of relief.

At this time, Xu Mingzhen’s phone rang.

Staring at the computer screen that was resting on Tan Mo’s lap, Xu Mingzhen still hadn’t recovered from the initial shock of seeing the score. She took the phone out of her pocket and saw that it was Old Madame Wei calling.

Xu Mingzhen came back to her senses and answered, “Old Madame.”

“Mingzhen, have Mo Mo’s grades come out? How are they?” On the other end of the phone, Old Madame Wei asked with concern, “Is Mo Mo with you? If the test results are not satisfactory, you can tell me in secret. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable by saying it in front of her.”

Old Madame Wei remembered that Tan Mo had handed in the exam early and rushed to the hospital.

She thought that no matter how capable Tan Mo was, the results of the exam probably wouldn’t be satisfactory.

Xu Mingzhen trembled with excitement as she repeated, “Old Madame.”

“What?” Because she couldn’t see her, Old Madame could only hear Xu Mingzhen’s trembling voice. Thinking that Xu Mingzhen was choking back her tears, she said, “Don’t be sad. It doesn’t matter if Mo Mo didn’t pass the exam this time. Don’t feel sad, let alone don’t let Mo Mo see you’re sad, or else she would feel sad too.”

“Mo Mo, she…” Xu Mingzhen took a deep breath and continued excitedly, “she got a perfect score on the exam. A perfect score of 750 points. She even got a perfect score on the essay.”

“What! Ah!” Old Madame couldn’t help laughing, and, without even hanging up the phone, she said to the Old Master who was sitting next to her, “Mo Mo got a perfect score! A perfect score of 750!”

“Hurry up! Let them all come over. Let’s set up a feast for Mo Mo to celebrate,” the Old Master said happily.

Xu Mingzhen didn’t expect that the two elders would be so happy. It was as if their own grandchild had gotten good grades on the exam.

Since the two elders were so happy, Xu Mingzhen didn’t rain on their parade. She didn’t ask Tan Mo or the others and directly decided, “Okay, we’ll be over in a while.”

After Old Madame hung up the phone, the Old Master slapped his thigh regretfully as he said, “It’s a pity

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