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Chapter 81: Little Uncle, Do You Think I Am a Monster?

Tan Mo had something to ask Wei Zhiqian. She didn’t want to have any of her family members present.

“Little Uncle.” Tan Mo entered the room, but she didn’t immediately run over when she saw Wei Zhiqian.

She stood a certain distance away from him between the door and the hospital bed.

“Why are you standing so far away?” Wei Zhiqian had been sitting up reading a book. Now he put down his book, sat up straight, and stretched out his hand toward Tan Mo, saying, “You only left yesterday, but you’re already treating me like a stranger?”

Tan Mo was nervous, and her heart was beating extremely fast.

She walked up to Wei Zhiqian and stood there obediently.

Wei Zhiqian raised his eyebrows. Although Tan Mo had always been well-behaved, she had never seemed as nervous as she was now, as if she had done something wrong.

Wei Zhiqian could vaguely guess why she was acting like this.

“Little Uncle, how is your injury coming along?” Tan Mo asked.

“Quite well. The wound has healed very well, and even when I make large movements, it doesn’t bleed.” Wei Zhiqian’s injury was still bandaged, and there was no way for him to show Tan Mo.

At this time, Butler Zhou came in. “Young Master, it’s time to change your bandages.”

Yesterday, he hadn’t been on guard yet, so the doctor and nurse had seen that his injury had recovered unusually quickly.

Although it had only been seen by two people, Wei Zhiqian still became cautious.

Since it was now practically healed, the task of changing the bandage had been given to Butler Zhou.

Even for the removal of the stitches, Wei Zhiqian had no plans to use outsiders.

Butler Zhou cut the bandage, and Tan Mo reflexively stretched out her hand to touch the wound near Wei Zhiqian’s shoulder.

If she could send some more energy to Wei Zhiqian today, Wei Zhiqian would be all healed very soon.

Just as her fingertips were about to touch his wound, her wrist was suddenly grasped by Wei Zhiqian.

Tan Mo exclaimed, “Little Uncle?”

“Wait a second. Don’t touch it.” Wei Zhiqian gave her a warning.

The look in Wei Zhiqian’s eyes was similar to when Tan Mo had occasionally been distracted when she was practicing calligraphy and she’d doodled and had been caught by Wei Zhiqian when she was a child.

Tan Mo didn’t dare to move. With her hands behind her back, she stood aside obediently with her head lowered like a student who has made a mistake.

“What are you doing standing there like that? I’m not punishing you.” Wei Zhiqian patted the chair beside the bed and said, “Come and sit.”

“Oh, okay.” Tan Mo sat down obediently.

Butler Zhou changed Wei Zhiqian’s bandage.

Because the wound had healed well, there was no need to bandage it as tightly as yesterday.

Otherwise, since the weather was hot, it would feel suffocating.

Then Butler Zhou packed up his things and went out, leaving them alone.

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