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Chapter 77: Aren’t You Doing This Because of Tan Mo?

This was not appropriate!

“What are you doing?” Staring at Wei Zhiqian and Tan Mo, Qin Murong rushed into the room.

“Lower your voice,” Wei Zhiqian said with a sullen expression, and, fearing that she could be awakened, he quickly covered Tan Mo’s ears.

Seeing that Qin Murong seemed to be stunned, Wei Zhiqian asked impatiently, “Why are you here?”

Wei Zhiqian’s hands were still covering Tan Mo’s ears. Qin Murong’s eyes were still on Tan Mo’s face as she put the thermos she was holding down on a table, and she replied, “I heard that you had been injured, so I came to see you. Thinking that patients have a lot of taboos at first, I figured porridge would be the best thing to bring. I cooked the porridge by myself. It’s almost noon, so this can be your lunch.”

“No thanks. I have someone here to customize meals suitable for my recuperation.” Wei Zhiqian didn’t want to be tactful at all nor did he have any intention of thanking Qin Murong. “I’m sure they’re much better than the porridge you cooked without knowing my situation.”

“I didn’t cook it casually. I cooked it with sincerity.” Qin Murong bit her lips sadly and said, “I boiled the porridge for several hours deliberately to make the porridge soft and waxy. Thinking you might not be able to eat anything else, I also specially juiced vegetables into it… It does not conflict with your customized meal. Even if you eat that, you can also drink some of my porridge.”

“Miss Qin.” When Butler Zhou had heard Qin Murong’s voice, he’d hurriedly walked in and said, “Sorry, the Young Master needs a lot of good rest. It would be better if you can wait for the Young Master to recuperate and come back another day.”

“Why is Tan Mo here?” Qin Murong was very resentful.

“Miss Mo Mo came to take care of the Young Master last night, and she is very tired now.” Butler Zhou reminded her again, “Miss Qin, keep your voice down. Don’t wake up Miss Mo Mo.”

Qin Murong: “…”

These two kept defending Tan Mo.

Butler Zhou called her Miss Mo Mo so respectfully that people who didn’t know would think that Tan Mo was the Young Madame of the Wei family.

She’s actually just an imposter.

“Take care of him? She’s taking care of him like this? She’s occupying Zhiqian’s hospital bed. Doesn’t she know that Zhiqian is a patient?” Qin Murong looked unhappy as she said, “She is a child, so how can she know how to take care of him? Is she taking care of him or making more trouble? With her here, Zhiqian can’t rest well.”

“I had been resting quite well until you came.” Wei Zhiqian turned and said to Butler Zhou, “Butler Zhou, can you take Mo Mo back to the room? And you go to sleep too. It’s too noisy here.”

Qin Murong: “…”

“Certainly, sir.” Butler Zhou glanced at Qin Murong disdainfully, picked Tan Mo up, and took her into the bedroom. Then he came out again.

Qin Murong immediately changed her attitude. With a loo

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