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Chapter 64: Age 15

“It won’t hurt after I massage it for you.” Tan Mo quietly transmitted energy to the area where the Old Madame had pain, while massaging the Old Madame’s head.

The transmission was gradual, and the Old Madame’s headache was slowly relieved. Only after the pain had been gone for a while did Old Madame Wei react.

She hurriedly pulled on Tan Mo’s small hand, held it in her hand, and rubbed it as she said, “Ah, don’t massage it anymore. My headache is gone.”

“Really?” Tan Mo knew that with her healing power the Old Madame’s headache should have disappeared a while ago, but she still continued to massage the Old Madame. “I’m not tired out at all. Grandma, don’t worry about me.”

“It really doesn’t hurt anymore.” The Old Madame rubbed Tan Mo’s little hand.

Her hands were small, thin, and gentle.

Although Old Madame Wei was a person who had never done any heavy work, she still paid attention to hand care.

But in the end, this little girl’s hands were much more delicate than hers had ever been.

She was afraid to rub them too hard. She worried that the rough skin on her hands would make Tan Mo feel uncomfortable.

The Old Madame paid close attention to Tan Mo’s reaction, and she noticed that Tan Mo was looking comfortable and smiling with ease.

This little girl didn’t even mind her rough skin.

She really liked to snuggle in people’s arms and act cute.

The Old Madame didn’t know if she was squeamish or not. But she really liked children who were willing to get close to the elderly.

The grandchildren of their family, although now grown up, had even when they were young, ever since they’d started walking on their own, not liked acting like a baby in front of the grandparents.

Not to mention that Wei Zhiqian had never liked acting like a baby ever.

The Old Madame glanced at Wei Zhiqian. She had been really upset because of this.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

How had he provoked the Old Madame this time?

“Great Grandma, if it hurts again in the future, remember to ask for me. It won’t hurt if I am with you.” Tan Mo took this opportunity to say it again.

She didn’t know if the Old Madame would listen to her, but she wanted to say it a few times and try to get the Old Madame to remember.

Didn’t the Old Madame ask for her just because she remembered what she’d said the last time?

Tan Mo spoke in a singsong childish tone, “I have magic, and if I use it a few more times, Grandma’s headache will be completely healed!”

How could the Old Madame take her childish words seriously? She said with a smile, “It’s true that every time Tan Mo massages me, my headache disappears.”

Usually, this headache would continue for a long time. How could it disappear so fast?

But the Old Madame didn’t think too much about it and only said, “Mo Mo is my lucky star.”

“I really envy you for having such a cute little girl,” the Old Madame said to Xu Mingzhen with a smile.

“I do

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