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Chapter 56: Keep Things Consistent

“How did Mo Mo’s test go?” Xu Mingjing didn’t know that Tan Mo was taking the test in order to skip grade levels.

The Tan family hadn’t made the matter public.

Although they believed in Tan Mo, they were afraid that if Tan Mo failed the exam, it could be shameful for Tan Mo.

Therefore, Xu Mingjing thought that Tan Mo was taking an ordinary first grade exam.

Also, Xu Mingjing didn’t know that even for the first grade exam, Jixia Academy’s test questions were different from those of Shijing.

Jixia Academy’s test questions were much harder.

There were other schools that used the test questions from Jixia Academy for their students to use as a reference.

However, there were very few students from these schools who could answer the questions correctly.

This was really embarrassing, so the schools kept it a secret, and not many people knew about it.

Xu Mingjing naturally did not know.

Xu Mingzhen was about to say something when she heard Yuan Keqing’s voice calling out, “Mom!”

They all three turned their heads and looked to where the shout had come from. They saw Yuan Keqing trotting over.

“Aunt, cousin,” Yuan Keqing yelled when she saw Xu Mingzhen and Tan Mo.

“Keqing has also finished the test. How do you feel you did on the test this time?” Xu Mingzhen asked with a smile.

Yuan Keqing’s smile suddenly became forced, and she said with a disappointed air, “It wasn’t ideal.”

Xu Mingjing felt sad for her but then she said, “It’s okay, it’s okay to not do well on a test once or twice. And the current scores won’t represent your future scores.”

Many people have good grades in elementary school, but they can’t keep up in middle and high school.

Some people have average grades in elementary school, but in the middle and high schools, they seemed to have awakened, and their grades become very good.

Yuan Keqing was not stupid.

Besides, so what if her grades were really bad?

Their family doesn’t need to rely on Yuan Keqing’s academic qualifications to change their lives.

Their family has their own company, and they didn’t need Yuan Keqing to use her academic qualifications to find them all jobs.

In the future, they will spend money to send Yuan Keqing to study abroad. Shouldn’t it be a piece of cake to get a degree?

Xu Mingjing was also not worried.

Yuan Keqing said to Xu Mingjing, “I was careless on a few math questions this time. I only got 90 points on the test. For the English test I got a perfect score, but 8 points were deducted for the composition section of the Chinese test, so I only got 92 points on the test.”

“Why are you so humble at such a young age?” Xu Mingjing looked surprised as she said, “When I heard what you said before, I thought you must have done very badly on the exam. Aren’t these very good scores?”

Even though the test questions were relatively simple in elementary school, these scores were st

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