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Chapter 39: Carry Her and Leave

Tan Mo nodded obediently. “I will remember.”

Butler Zhou silently noted the Tan family’s reaction.

Seeing that the Tan family was united, he felt assured in his heart.

Tan Mo was spoiled by the Tan family ever since she was a child, but she wasn’t the slightest bit a brat.

Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen raised her well, and the child was sensible.

Noticing that the Tan family’s mood calmed down, Butler Zhou spoke again. “Young Master Wei also said that starting from today, Mo Mo will go to Wei Mansion after school every day, and he will tutor Mo Mo himself. Mo Mo will also go there on weekends.”

“What?” everyone replied in unison.

This matter was abruptly decided.

Tan Mo’s ambitious goal was already enough to shock them.

Although they all supported it, the shock hadn’t subsided yet.

Who knew that Butler Zhou would soon announce that Tan Mo would go directly to the Wei family’s house daily after school?

Their minds went blank.

Next, they heard Butler Zhou continue. “Young Master Wei means that after school, Mo Mo will have dinner in the Wei Mansion. After their tutorials, Young Master Wei will send Mo Mo back.”

As soon as everyone heard this, the Tan family finally reacted.

“No!” everyone responded in unison.

They had just uttered the word “no” when Butler Zhou picked up Tan Mo and went out.

“Don’t worry. She’ll be safe. I’ll take Miss Mo Mo to the Wei family’s house first.” Butler Zhou got into the car with Tan Mo in his arms and urged the driver, “To the mansion.”

The driver stepped on the gas and remarked, “Young Master Wei asked you to pick up Miss Mo Mo. Why are you acting as if you’re kidnapping her?”

“I’m just afraid that they won’t let her go.” Butler Zhou was stressed.

Wei Zhiqian’s instruction to him was, “The Tan family regards Mo Mo more important than life. They definitely will not let her go. Don’t give them a chance to react. Just pick her up and then leave.”

Butler Zhou thought, ‘Wei Zhiqian was really not afraid of the Tan family calling the police and arresting him.’

The Tan family moved quickly and followed behind them.

Wei Zhiqian had also anticipated this.

Because Wei Zhiqian also said to Butler Zhou, “If you leave with Mo Mo, they will definitely run after you. Just let them follow you, and I will explain everything to them. This won’t delay Mo Mo coming to our house.”

They wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time persuading the Tan family.

Tan Jinyi tightly clutched the back of the seat in front of him as he spoke worriedly, “Could that person be a human trafficker in disguise?”

Mo Mo was adorable, so the trafficker must have been stalking her for a long time. He even came to their house to snatch her away!

Xu Mingzhen said, “That’s not the case. He’s indeed the butler of the Wei family. On the day we went to the birthday party, Butler Zhou was also there. I saw him attending to Wei Zhiqia

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