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Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Arrange Things For Tan Mo In Advance

Qin Muxiao raised her head and looked at the two tall and slender boys in front of her.

Qin Mufeng was her cousin who was related to her by blood.

Wei Zhiqian was someone who she always thought would become her brother-in-law.

These two, no matter how she looked at it, should be closer to her.

But now, every one of them was on the side of an outsider.

Wei Zhiqian looked at the other students in the class aloofly. His voice was neither loud nor quiet, and it made people feel calm. “In the future, not just the five people who exposed Qin Muxiao today, but if Qin Muxiao bullies, threatens, or asks other people in the class to do bad things for her, just go tell Qin Muye and Tan Mo.”

“Telling either one of them is fine. Mufeng and I will come forward. You don’t need to worry anymore. You can go to school with peace of mind and study hard.”

Qin Mufeng asked the classmates to tell Qin Muye for Qin Muye to solve it just to train Qin Muye.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t need to train Tan Mo. Tan Mo was not from a big family like the Qin family, so she did not have as much responsibility as Qin Muye did.

He just wanted to establish prestige for Tan Mo, and that everyone knows that Tan Mo not only could call him Little Uncle, but she can also use his authority and be protected by him.

She was guarded by him like how Qin Mufeng guarded Qin Muye.

He wouldn’t let Tan Mo be looked down again in school.

He will graduate in a little more than two years.

After he graduates, there will be no one in the school to guard Tan Mo.

What if Tan Mo gets bullied at school?

He had to arrange things for Tan Mo in advance.

“Spread all of these words.” Wei Zhiqian glanced at the classmates. “I said these words just to let everyone know.”

They were young, but they were mature-minded.

They grew up in a rich but more cutthroat environment since they were children, so their mental maturity can’t compare with that of ordinary first grade students.

After hearing what Wei Zhiqian said, they quickly understood Wei Zhiqian’s intention and why Wei Zhiqian did it.

“Let’s go.” Qin Mufeng reminded him.

“Brother!” Qin Muxiao, wanting to question why Qin Mufeng always treated her like this, walked around in front of Qin Mufeng.

Isn’t she his sister too?

Even if they weren’t of the same family, they were related by blood.

Even if she wasn’t as good as Qin Muye, she was at least better than Tan Mo!

She didn’t know why Qin Mufeng hadn’t liked her ever since she was a child.

Since she started remembering things, Qin Mufeng had always been indifferent to her. No matter how well-behaved or flattering she was towards him, it was useless.

Because of this, she wanted to bully Qin Muye more and more!

She was jealous of Qin Muye!

But when she rushed over, Qin Mufeng quickly shielded Qin Muye behind him, and distanced himself from her

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