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Chapter 58: Who Is She Insulting?

Xu Mingzhen fumed. She was so angry.

She had been enduring her mother’s insults for a long time, but now she really couldn’t bear it anymore.

She couldn’t care less that Old Madame Xu didn’t like her.

As a daughter, she dutifully fulfilled her filial piety.

She can’t do anything more.

However, every single time she came here, Old Madame Xu’s attitude toward the Tan family’s children was completely opposed to that which she expressed toward Yuan Keqing. And every time she was indifferent to the Tan family’s children, their family tolerated it.

But Old Madame Xu can’t treat her children like this anymore.

This is an insult!

Xu Mingzhen took out all the money from the red envelopes. The four children’s money added up to 700 yuan.

Xu Mingzhen sneered.

Even this 700 yuan was biased.

She treated her grandsons and granddaughter differently.

Old Madam Xu was actually being sexist.

Xu Mingzhen threw the red envelopes into the garbage can in the bathroom, took the 700 yuan, and went out.

“Mom, why even bother giving the children red envelopes? You can save this 700 yuan to buy something for yourself.”

Old Madame Xu glared at her fiercely and asked, “What? Are you saying that there isn’t enough money in the red envelopes?”

“I don’t know why you don’t like the four of them, but don’t insult them even if you don’t like them.” After they have kowtowed, they were still spurned and dismissed with such a meager amount of money.”

“Mingzhen…” Tan Wenci came over to try to calm Xu Mingzhen down.

He would have preferred her to just endure the visit since they were going to leave very soon.

And the next time they saw each other would be next year.

“Don’t stop me. It didn’t matter before, but you can’t insult our children.” Xu Mingzhen said frankly, “It’s been seven years since my father passed away. In the past seven years, our family has been paying for your daily living expenses, including your housekeeper.”

Previously, even Xu Mingjing’s family had had to rely on their family to support them. Could Old Madame Xu count on Xu Mingjing to support her?

“As for the red envelopes you gave today, to be honest, this is all Wenci’s money. We usually give a lot of money to our four children, and they have more allowance for each day than this. Please, you shouldn’t bother giving them 200 yuan per person. But, oh, no, Tan Mo only got 100.”

Who was she insulting?

She’d given Yuan Keqing such a thick red envelope with money from Wenci, then turned around to trample on her children.

She couldn’t bear this even if she was her own mother…

“In the end, aren’t you just mad because I gave you less? You’re actually aggrieved because you have to take care of me? Because you live a good life, and your sister’s family isn’t doing as well as yours, I let you contribute a little bit more. It turns out that you have always been holding a grudge in

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