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Chapter 66: Who Is That Girl?

The corners of Qin Muye’s mouth twitched, and she chuckled. “He did see us.”

Ming Yeqing rolled his eyes. “Please don’t think of me as a boy.”

Wei Zhiqian glanced at Ming Yeqing and said, “Have you been to a hospital?”

Ming Yeqing: “…”

What the h*ll!

Perceiving where Wei Zhiqian was looking, Ming Yeqing suddenly felt a chilly sensation in his pants.

“Yeqing also wanted to buy stationery for the college entrance examination,” Tan Mo said. “Little Uncle, I have already received permission from my family.”

Wei Zhiqian snorted coldly. The Tan family cherishes Tan Mo so much, yet they let her come out with a boy without worrying. How careless of them!

“Have you finished shopping?” Wei Zhiqian asked.

Tan Mo raised the shopping bag in her hand and said, “Yes, I’ve finished shopping.”

“So, let’s go home then.” Wei Zhiqian skillfully took the shopping bag from Tan Mo and grabbed her hand.

“We haven’t eaten yet.” As soon as Tan Mo finished speaking, her stomach growled twice. “It’s lunchtime and I’m starving.”

“Then we’ll eat first.” Wei Zhiqian couldn’t let Tan Mo go hungry.

Tan Mo turned around and waved to Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing. “Come, Little Uncle is going to treat us to a meal.”

Just a few steps away, they saw Qin Murong and the other girls who followed her around come rushing out of the restaurant.

Tan Mo clicked her tongue. She had long heard that Qin Murong clung to Wei Zhiqian like a stalker.

She hadn’t expected it to actually be true.

“Little Uncle, did you invite Sister Murong out for a meal?” Tan Mo asked curiously.

If her future aunt was really going to be Qin Murong, then she would consider not acknowledging Wei Zhiqian as her Little Uncle.

Wei Zhiqian pursed his lips sternly before saying, “I was having dinner with my classmates, and I don’t know how she found out. She ran over and pretended to have encountered me by chance.”

While speaking, Wei Zhiqian had glanced at Hao Lunxing, apparently aware that Qin Murong had inquired from him.

Hao Lunxing was shaking. He knew he was in trouble.

Qin Murong’s face had turned pale. She hadn’t expected that Wei Zhiqian would expose her so frankly right in front of her.

“In the future, if Hao Lunxing is around, don’t call me,” Wei Zhiqian said coldly. “The same is true for all of you. If anyone reveals my whereabouts to Qin Murong, don’t show up where I am in the future!”

Wei Zhiqian’s words might as well have blacklisted them.

The classmates who interacted with Wei Zhiqian all came from different backgrounds.

But they all had one thing in common. They were all academic stars.

They were academic stars, but they weren’t nerds. They were very shrewd.

Although they didn’t go to the extent of kissing up to him, they still wanted to maintain a good relationship with Wei Zhiqian, so that they could have more good opportunities in the future.

Wei Zhiqian als

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