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Chapter 41: Show Your Respect

After sending off the reluctant Tan family members, Wei Zhiqian brought Tan Mo to the study.

“You can study here,” Wei Zhiqian said as he pointed at his desk.

His desk was quite large, with two chairs placed side by side.

Tan Mo held a chair and mumbled, “Hey, hey, hey, hey.” She raised her short legs and tried to climb up the chair.

However, after a few tries, she still could not climb up.

The chair was too high for her.

Tan Mo wanted to cry. She recalled the days when she used to be a little snow fairy, spending her days lazily underground. She had never exerted so much effort before.

Being a human cub was too difficult.


While Tan Mo was struggling with the chair, she suddenly heard a sneer.

She quickly turned around and saw Wei Zhiqian with a hand on his mouth.

But it didn’t work.

They were the only people in the study.

Other than Wei Zhiqian, no one else could be laughing at her.

Tan Mo’s eyes welled up with tears.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Wei Zhiqian covered his mouth once more, but he could not hide the smile on his face.

This little girl’s actions were too funny.

She was small and round.

For a moment, he felt like he was watching a cub climb a chair.

“Currently, there is no suitable chair for you. They are too high for you, as well as the table,” Wei Zhiqian explained as he carried Tan Mo to one of the chairs.

The table was too high for Tan Mo. Only half of her nose up could be seen while sitting.

Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

The more he looked at this little girl, the cuter he felt she was.

“Uncle, stop laughing!” Tan Mo reached out with her small hands, trying to cover Wei Zhiqian’s mouth that could no longer hide his smile. “I’ll grow taller very soon!”

Wei Zhiqian was bent over. When Tan Mo straightened her arm, she managed to reach his mouth and successfully covered it.

Her palm was soft and smelled of milk.

Wei Zhiqian remembered that Xiao Menghan gave Tan Mo a handful of milk candies after dinner.

He wondered why a cute baby wasn’t part of his family.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to compete with the Tan family for her attention.

“Why don’t you study at the coffee table instead?” Wei Zhiqian pointed at the coffee table not far away.

The coffee table was low, which was quite suitable for Tan Mo.

There was also a thick carpet on the floor.

Wei Zhiqian asked someone to send in another cushion for Tan Mo.

Tan Mo tried it out, and it did fit perfectly.

Hence, Tan Mo officially started her extracurricular studies with Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian found out that Tan Mo was indeed not talking big before.

He taught her math tonight, and Tan Mo recalled all the formulas for the first grade.

She only lacked practical application.

Therefore, Wei Zhiqian skipped the discussions and directly let Tan Mo do math exercises. She would ask him whenever she encoun

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