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Chapter 54: Chapter 54: Will Zhiqian Let You Call Him Brother?

Qin Muxiao turned her head abruptly and looked at Li Xingyun in disbelief.

“Li Xingyun!” Qin Muxiao whispered.

Her tone was full of threatening.

Li Xingyun did not look at her. With a serious expression on her face, she said to Teacher Huang: “Teacher Huang, I want to report that Qin Muxiao deliberately destroyed Tan Mo’s stationery before the math test, so that she could not take the test.”

“Li Xingyun, don’t talk nonsense!” Qin Muxiao looked at her threateningly and shouted, “Don’t frame me!”

“Teacher Huang, I can prove that what Li Xingyun said is true, and I have seen it all.” Mu Ziyi stood up and said.

“I saw it too.”

“I saw it too.”

“Teacher, I was in the classroom at the time, so I saw it too.”

The other three people also stood up.

“Tan Mo went out to look for Qin Muye in the class next door. When she came back and checked the stationery, she found that all her pens and refills were destroyed so she could not write.” Gu Xiaonan omitted mentioning Li Xingyun.

They have all discussed it beforehand. Although Li Xingyun did not do the right thing, she was also threatened by Qin Muxiao.

Since Tan Mo did not intend to pursue the matter with Li Xingyun, Wei Zhiqian also said that he would not trouble Li Xingyun.

Then why should they tell on Li Xingyun?

If so, Li Xingyun might get credits deducted along with Qin Muxiao.

“It is because of this that Tan Mo had to buy new stationery and was late for the exam.” Yu Zhengxuan said.

Xu Huaiyan chimed in, “Fortunately, Tan Mo checked before the exam. If she only found out after the exam had already started, then she wouldn’t be able to answer the exam.”

“I…I didn’t…” Qin Muxiao was completely panicked and kept looking at the five people.

When Tan Mo ran out to buy stationery, they were the only ones in the class.

Qin Muxiao also warned them not to speak out.

How dare they?!

Qin Muxiao was completely blindsided by the sudden blow, and she couldn’t even mutter any excuses.

She kept insisting that she didn’t.

But, even if she alone didn’t admit it, five people were all accusing her.

“You should all sit down first.” Teacher Huang said.

Li Xingyun and others sat down.

Qin Muxiao was still standing, and she hurriedly said, “I didn’t! It was them… they are framing me!”

“Qin Muxiao.” Teacher Huang interrupted Qin Muxiao’s feeble excuse, “Previously, when you were taking a math test, you disturbed the order of the examination room, ignored the invigilator, and disrespected the teacher. The school discipline team decided to deduct 10 credits from you.”

Qin Muxiao’s body shook a few times.

“Tan Mo was the one who was late, so why deduct my credits?!” Qin Muxiao’s voice of protest was already choking with sobs.

Although she can still study hard for her next semester’s final exam, her scores for this exam weren’t very satisfactory.

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