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Chapter 42: Blow It For Me

“Practice writing my name first, and then practice yours,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“Why don’t you practice mine first? Mine is just two words, so it’s simpler,” Tan Mo replied.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t know how to respond to her.

‘Who said this little girl is cute? She is not obedient at all!’

“No matter what you do, you can’t just give up because of difficulties. Choosing the easy way means giving up. Precisely, my name is difficult. When you master writing my name, other characters will be much easier.” Wei Zhiqian stuffed his pen into Tan Mo’s hand and said, “Stop talking nonsense. Let’s practice!”

Tan Mo: “…”

‘Yeah, right.’

Helpless, Tan Mo practiced writing obediently.

Wei Zhiqian looked at her with satisfaction. He thought that if Tan Mo had mastered writing his name, once her brothers discovered that the characters written by their only sister were those of his name, they would have been immensely annoyed.

As Tan Mo practiced, she felt a bit bored and tired. Her wrist and fingers were sore.

She quietly put down the pen, shook her hand, and rubbed her face again.

Tan Mo turned her head and saw Wei Zhiqian studying attentively. She realized that she hadn’t observed Wei Zhiqian carefully before.

His had good skin, and his pores were less visible.

When he lowered his head to read a book, Tan Mo could see his long and thick eyelashes.

Tan Mo thought, ‘No wonder Qin Murong was so obsessed with Wei Zhiqian.’

Wei Zhiqian, as the next patriarch of the Wei family, was a rare find, not to mention that his looks were unrivaled.

He was the epitome of skill and beauty.

She wondered what he, an exceptional boy, would turn out to be like in the future.

“What are you looking at?” Wei Zhiqian reached out and flicked her forehead.

He did it lightly, so Tan Mo wasn’t hurt at all. However, she still let out an “Ah” while rubbing her forehead, pretending to be in pain.

She rubbed the area a little forcefully, so it turned red.

“Little Uncle, why did you do that for?” Tan Mo’s eyes welled up with tears, and she lowered her hand to let Wei Zhiqian see the redness on her forehead.

“I didn’t use much strength, so why is it so red?” Wei Zhiqian frowned, walked around Tan Mo, and examined the red spot on Tan Mo’s forehead.

It looked like a small area of plum juice in the snow.

Wei Zhiqian wondered, ‘Are children’s skin this sensitive?’

Tan Mo pouted as she thought, ‘Let’s see if you dare to flick me in the future.’

It’s not okay even if he didn’t use much force!

In her previous life, she had used this method to make her master carefully touch her petals every day, and her master didn’t dare to use any strength.

“Is it red?” Tan Mo raised her hand to touch the spot.

Wei Zhiqian stopped her. “Don’t touch it.”

He was afraid it would get worse if she touched it.

Looking at Tan Mo’s teary eyes, Wei Zhiqian regretted what he did.

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