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Chapter 70: Wei Zhiqian Is Injured

Tan Mo wouldn’t lose anything.

While Yuan Keqing was thinking about it, she suddenly heard Butler Zhou talking on the phone.

“How is Young Master Wei now?”

“Okay, I get it.”

Yuan Keqing hurriedly hid and was careful not to be found.

She heard Xu Mingzhen asking worriedly, “Is there something wrong with Young Master Wei?”

Butler Zhou didn’t conceal the truth and said, “Young Master Wei had been injured. He is at the hospital for treatment. I have to go.”

“Hurry up, then!” Xu Mingzhen said quickly. “When Mo Mo finishes the exam, I will take her there immediately.”

Butler Zhou was secretly very approving of Xu Mingzhen’s attitude. Wei Zhiqian didn’t pamper Tan Mo in vain.

“There is no need to rush,” Butler Zhou said politely. “Before entering the operating room, Young Master Wei specifically told me not to tell Miss Mo Mo before the exam is finished because it might affect her while taking the exam. Please wait until she is finished with her exams before telling her.”

“Although Young Master Wei is badly injured, he still remembers Tan Mo.” Xu Mingzhen was deeply moved.

He was already in the operating room, so how could the injury be mild?

“Butler Zhou, you don’t have to worry about this. Go and see Young Master Wei. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you update me about Young Master Wei’s situation as well?” Xu Mingzhen couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Okay.” Mr. Zhou agreed. Then he told the driver and the assistant not to tell Tan Mo before getting out of the car.

Yuan Keqing hurriedly went around to hide behind without letting Butler Zhou see her.

After waiting for Butler Zhou to leave, Yuan Keqing ran a little farther with her phone and called Tan Mo.

There was still some time before the exam, and she wasn’t sure if Tan Mo shut down her phone.

They weren’t allowed to bring their phones in during the test. Their phones will be stored in one place.

But this was before the exam, so Yuan Keqing could only dial the phone number with the intention of trying it out.

Tan Mo was outside the examination room at this time, so her phone wasn’t turned off.

Before they could enter, they had to put their things outside the examination room. Only stationery and admission tickets could be brought in.

Seeing Yuan Keqing’s call, Tan Mo thought, ‘Is it finally coming?’

Yuan Keqing had been here for two days in a row. If she didn’t a move, she would have come in vain.

“Keqing?” Tan Mo answered the phone.

“Cousin, Wei Zhiqian is injured and is having an operation at the hospital.” Yuan Keqing didn’t talk nonsense and went straight to the topic.

Tan Mo knew Yuan Keqing’s intentions, but she still felt her heart ache, and she felt as if even her heartbeat slowed down.

“Yuan Keqing.” Tan Mo was too lazy to pretend to her. “Let’s lay everything out on the table. If you want to sabotage my exam, come at me. You don’t have to us

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