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Chapter 48: You Can Train Him

With the three children’s eagerness to carry out their plan, they didn’t notice Wei Zhiqian and Qin Mufeng trailing behind.

After all, the two were thoroughly trained in the Lanshan Compound.

The children of the Eight Great Clan, especially the direct descendants, will be sent to the Lanshan Compound for training during childhood.

One purpose was for physical fitness, and the other was for self-protection abilities.

The children of the Eight Great Clan’s distant relatives were also sent to Lanshan Compound for training.

However, their training was different from the direct heirs like Wei Zhiqian.

Their training was more rigorous, the kind where they were constantly in life-and-death situations.

But once an individual passed the assessment of the Lanshan Compound and became one of them, great benefits awaited that individual, especially Lanshan Compound’s connections.

Thus, Wei Zhiqian and Qin Mufeng, who underwent such extensive training, managed to trail behind the three kids without getting discovered.

The two of them followed Tan Mo, Qin Muye, and Ming Keqing into a Haagen-Dazs store.

Qin Mufeng and Wei Zhiqian entered the store discreetly and sat in an inconspicuous corner.

Qin Muye ordered, “We want a hot pot ice cream.”

Wei Zhiqian said to Qin Mufeng, “Muye also ordered a big hot pot ice cream.”

“I saw it,” Qin Mufeng said helplessly, “We seldom let her eat ice cream at home in winter, even if there is heating in the room. Turns out she was secretly eating ice cream outside. But it’s not like her allowance can be reduced.”

It’s not convenient for girls to have no allowance.

Wei Zhiqian and Qin Mufeng had awakened patriarchal abilities. Thus, they were the next patriarchs of the Wei and Qin clans respectively.

The patriarchs of the Eight Great Clan were different from that of ordinary families.

In each generation of the Eight Great Clan, a person’s patriarchal ability would usually develop during his childhood or his teenage years at the latest.

The one with an awakened patriarchal ability would automatically become the next patriarch.

It wasn’t a family choice. It was destiny.

Moreover, if something happened to the person with an awakened patriarchal ability, such as death, there would be no second awakening in that generation.

This was to prevent someone in the family who was aspiring to be the patriarch from killing the one with an awakened patriarchal ability.

The one with an awakened patriarchal ability would be nurtured by the entire clan with all their resources.

To awaken one’s patriarchal ability, the individual had to be exceptional.

None of the people with awakened patriarchal abilities were mediocre.

Wei Zhiqian had excellent hearing, while Qin Mufeng had excellent eyesight.

They weren’t exactly clairvoyant, but close enough.

Wei Zhiqian could control his hearing ability.

He could ch

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