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Chapter 179: An Absolute Genius

She alone had destroyed the confidence of the whole Tsinghua University team.

Despite the cruelty that Tan Mo had shown, the Beijing University team had huge grins on their faces when they saw how dejected the Tsinghua University team was.

Even Zhang Xiaosheng had completely lost his confidence.

After seeing what had happened to all his team members who had gone before him, Zhang Xiaosheng decided to ignore Tan Mo completely when he got onto the stage.

He didn’t even curse at or belittle Tan Mo like he always did, as he was afraid he might be the one who was humiliated in the end.

However, even if Zhang Xiaosheng didn’t want to talk to Tan Mo, it didn’t mean Tan Mo had the same idea.

“Are you going to give your best this round?” Tan Mo asked with a pure, innocent expression.

Zhang Xiaosheng immediately turned to glare at Tan Mo. Are you going to ask the same question every round? How long are you going to cry anyway? Can you stop it?

It took him a long moment before he replied, “I’ll do what I can…”

“That’s good then.” Tan Mo nodded.

‘Good? What’s good about this?’ Zhang Xiaosheng cursed in his head. ‘What’s good about me doing all I can, and you still winning by a huge margin?’

It didn’t take long for the fourth round to begin.

“Please take a look at the first question,” the host said.

Despite his professor making it clear that all Zhang Xiaosheng had to do was push the buzzer whether he knew the answer or not, just like Tan Mo did, he still hesitated when the time came for him to do that.

The pressure one had to handle on the stage was far more than most people could imagine, and that was why he couldn’t be decisive.

And because of that hesitation, the buzzer was pushed by Tan Mo first.

After giving the correct answer, she turned to glance at Zhang Xiaosheng.

She had noticed that Zhang Xiaosheng was going to push the buzzer as soon as the timer started.

Is he trying to copy me?

She then turned to look at the participants from Tsinghua University.

Their professor was staring at Zhang Xiaosheng with his fists tightened. “Just push the buzzer! Push it!”

Tan Mo smiled. ‘It looks like they really are trying to copy me. That won’t do.’

She had already decided that she would not let Tsinghua University gain a single point.

Until the third question, Tan Mo remained the first to hit the buzzer while Zhang Xiaosheng hesitated.

But at the fourth question, Zhang Xiaosheng finally made up his mind.

Just like Tan Mo, as soon as the timer started, he pushed his buzzer.

As soon as the buzzer sounded, he was surprised to find that the pressure he had been feeling was gone.

As Zhang Xiaosheng was about to answer, the host suddenly said, “Beijing University, your answer?”

Zhang Xiaosheng turned around and his eyes widened. He was sure he had pressed the buzzer first, but the podium that Tan Mo was standing at was t

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