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Chapter 186: What a Con Man

“Uncle, carry me.” Tan Mo raised her head and opened her arms toward Wei Zhiqian, just as she had always done when she was little.

When she was a little girl, she would often extend her arms for Wei Zhiqian to carry her.

Tan Mo was now sitting while he was standing.

As the man looked at her from this higher angle, it was as if they’d gone back to when they were children.

Wei Zhiqian couldn’t help but smile warmly at her because this reminded him of how she would ask him to carry her when they were young.

The rest of the team sighed to themselves.

Didn’t you just say you were going to educate her? Like h*ll!

Wei Zhiqian leaned forward and lifted Tan Mo off the chair. Then he turned to everyone else, “We will take our leave now.”

Everyone waved good-bye as they walked out the door.

It had been a long time since Wei Zhiqian had carried Tan Mo.

Ever since she’d started to grow taller after she was about nine years old, she’d been embarrassed to ask Wei Zhiqian to carry her anymore.

But since she was drunk now, all her embarrassment had been thrown out the window.

She rubbed her head against his chest. It was a feeling that she’d missed and longed for.

Wei Zhiqian couldn’t help but smile when he saw her reaction.

He carried Tan Mo back to his car to drive her home.

Seeing the state she was in, there was no way he was taking her back to the dormitory.

He put Tan Mo down in the passenger seat. She turned on her side and started to fall asleep.

“Weren’t you wide awake just seconds ago?” Wei Zhiqian laughed. “Come on, put on your seatbelt.”

Tan Mo reacted more slowly than she usually did. It took her a few seconds to turn around to grab the seatbelt.

However, then she missed the seatbelt and grabbed at the air instead. She tried again and again. She finally found it.

After putting her seatbelt on, she closed her eyes once again.

“Don’t you dare drink again,” Wei Zhiqian warned her. “Not a drop, you hear me?”

He was still surprised that Tan Mo could get this drunk with just half a glass of beer mixed with sour plum juice.

He wasn’t sure if she had heard him or not. She was now lying on her side on the passenger seat. She was looking at him as she tried her best to keep her eyes open. It made her look both obedient and innocent at the same time.

SIGH. I guess I will talk to her once she sobers up…

Wei Zhiqian started the engine and drove toward the Tan Mansion.

On the way there, Tan Mo suddenly said, “Uncle, I’m not drunk…”

Wei Zhiqian turned to glance at her. Are you kidding me? Look at you, and you’re learning how to speak like a drunk adult now…

He checked his watch and realized that 15 minutes had already passed since he’d warned her not to drink alcohol anymore. It had taken her a quarter of an hour to respond to him. Her reaction was way slower than usual.

“Do you think I’m lying?” Tan Mo asked again.

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