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Chapter 173: Brains Buzzing with CLANG!

Zhang Xiaosheng nodded. “Exactly. Tan Mo’s performance was exceptional in the first round, but everyone’s got a limit. There’s absolutely no way she can do just as well in the second round.”

No one could do that.

“After my debacle on stage, we’re depending on you now for the second round, Xiaoou!” Lin Zhenhui clenched his teeth. “Not only did I get humiliated, I also dragged the school into a fiasco. This I will admit. It was my responsibility. I won’t argue with that. But for this second round, please make sure you retaliate properly and put her in her place!”

Hearing Lin Zhenhui say this to Ziao Xiaoou, Zhang Xiaosheng additionally told Xiaoou, “Zhenhui’s words were a bit over the top, but I agree with what he’s saying. After losing face in the first round, we’ve got to make sure to step up our game and strike back. If not, how can we say that we’re proud of the hard work we’ve endured and the countless days of blood, sweat, and tears we’ve put in for this competition?”

Zhao Xiaoou nodded solemnly. “I understand.”

She looked over at Tan Mo. She didn’t seem to be faring so well either.

There was no way Xiaoou could let herself favor a person who had embarrassed their team so much.

Especially when right before the competition started, everyone had already pretty much acknowledged that Tsinghua University would be the one to win the championship.

Yet, the first round had ended in a shambles for them.

Zhao Xiaoou took a deep breath and went on stage with a dignified expression and took her place where Lin Zhenhui had last stood.

She turned to look at Tan Mo.

Tan Mo watched Xiaoou from her peripheral vision, looked back at her, and gave her a sweet, innocent smile.

Zhao Xiaoou felt shivers run up her spine.

Tan Mo’s cute antics might work with the boys, but they certainly wouldn’t work with her.

“Your performance in that last round was impressive,” Zhao Xiaoou said.

Tan Mo smiled. “Thank you, senior.”

Zhao Xiaoou had nothing to say to that.


How annoying.

Tan Mo could already tell that Zhao Xiaoou hated her attitude and behavior.

And since Zhao Xiaoou hated it, she would just continue to behave like this and more.

In the best case scenario, Zhao Xiaoou would get frustrated to the point where she would keep competing for the buzzer until her hands started shaking.

“Are you confident about this second round?” Zhao Xiaoou asked Tan Mo as she continued to smile at her.

Usually, those who did well in the first round would be slightly arrogant.

Even those who were often calm and steady would become slightly overconfident.

Not to mention that Tan Mo was younger than them all and had managed to humiliate Lin Zhenhui so badly. Surely, she must be overconfident and about to blow her own trumpet.

It would be the perfect time for her to use this state that Tan Mo was in to get into her head. She would be abl

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