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Chapter 184: We Are Softies

“What’s more, the reason I was on stage the whole time was that we were trying to embarrass Tsinghua University, right? If we hadn’t been trying to do that, you guys would have taken my place after the first round ended. I don’t think you guys would have lost anyway,” Tan Mo said. “And even if some of us had lost, all we had to do was get the highest total points. If you are giving me all the reward, you are also saying that those who lost their rounds shouldn’t get theirs. If all of us went on the stage and some lost, there’s no way you would say that they wouldn’t get part of the reward, am I right?

Tan Mo was able to shut everyone up. What she said was right. It was impossible for them to give her all the reward.

“The concept is the same. Even if you guys didn’t go on stage, it doesn’t mean you guys don’t deserve the reward.” Tan Mo smiled. “Since I didn’t lose a round, you guys just didn’t get the chance to go on the stage. Also, I’m the one that benefited the most from the competition. None of you actually had the chance to show your talents on the stage. Do you still think it’s fair for me to take all the money when I’ve already stolen all the spotlight? I’m sure everyone wanted the chance to embarrass the Tsinghua University team, am I wrong?”


Some people wanted to argue, but no words came to mind. Tan Mo was completely spot on with her explanation.

“Looks like we don’t have a choice but to take our share of the reward, huh? Or else we will all be called showoffs or something…” Ying Siyuan smiled broadly.

“Well, if you all really feel bad for accepting the reward, why don’t you guys treat me to a meal after this?” Tan Mo smiled slyly.

“Sure thing!” Ying Siyuan agreed immediately. “Oh, right! We planned to celebrate our victory in the competition later anyway. What do you guys say? Should we treat Tan Mo to a meal later?”

“Of course!” The rest of the team agreed unanimously.

It was only then that Professor Guo finally spoke up. “And here I am, thinking about how to educate you. It looks like you guys clearly understood that we only won because of Tan Mo. Since you guys know that already, I don’t have to say anything anymore.”

Not only did they know that, but they were also ready to give up their share of the reward to Tan Mo.

When the competition ended, Professor Guo thought about educating the rest of the team as soon as they got back.

But, since the whole team knew that they shouldn’t be given any credit for the win, Professor Guo decided not to go on with his plan or else it might affect their enthusiasm in the long run.

In the end, there weren’t many geniuses like Tan Mo alive anyway.

Other than Tan Mo, the rest of the team were actually the best in their own fields.

“You kids should focus on your own research after the celebration, okay? Unless you all are planning to rely on Tan Mo in the future,” Professor Guo said before leaving, no

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