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Chapter 172: I Couldn’t Let You Leave with Zero Points

How can you get angry at a young girl? That’s not something to be proud of.

Ying Siyuan angrily shouted from the competitors’ seats. “Lin Zhenhui, are you a poor loser? How can you take it out on a young girl? If you’ve got the guts, have a go at me instead.”

Lin Zhenhui ignored him completely.

Lin Zhenhui was unwilling to admit that his defeat was his own doing.

He then heard Tan Mo say, “Senior Lin, are you blaming me for not pressing the buzzer that led to your loss?”

Lin Zhenhui wasn’t thinking about anything else at that moment. He clenched his teeth and spit out, “You did it on purpose!”

She had meant to embarrass him on purpose.

Tan Mo sighed. “I did do it intentionally.”

As he had expected.

“You admit it!” Lin Zhenhui looked toward his own team. “She admitted it!”

Then Tan Mo sighed again. “I had already fought for the previous nine questions and had gotten them right too. Senior Lin hadn’t even had a chance to answer a single question. I couldn’t let you leave with zero points. That would be too embarrassing for you.

“In addition, weren’t you the one who complained that I pushed the buzzer way too quickly on the third question?” Tan Mo placed her hands behind her back as she looked down in embarrassment. “You had a lot to say back then, senior Lin.”

Lin Zhenhui was speechless.

“That’s why I thought to leave the last question for you to answer.” Tan Mo laughed nervously. “Your speed was insane. You really managed to push the buzzer fast. It’s a shame that you saw through what I was doing. You’ve got sharp eyes, senior Lin.”

Lin Zhenhui remained silent.

What was this feeling? He felt as if he was being suffocated. Suffocated to the point that he wanted to vomit blood. But then again, he couldn’t say anything to counter her. What exactly was this feeling?

He had a gut feeling that if he said anything more, everyone else would look at him weirdly and think that he was a contrarian and didn’t know what exactly was best for him.

He just had this feeling. He didn’t know why.

“I had thought that senior Lin knew the answer since he fought for the buzzer. But you didn’t actually know the answer, I guess.” Tan Mo sighed once again, then turned around to look at the competitors from Tsinghua University. “A -one. What a shame.”

“You…” Lin Zhenhui was absolutely furious now. Not one single time in all his years of being alive had he ever wanted to scold someone like he wanted to scold her. “Despite being so young, you’re some schemer, aren’t you?”

“Senior Lin, why would you say that?” Tan Mo asked in a pitiful voice. “You first blamed me for pushing the buzzer too soon. Then when I then slowed down, mind you, and even let you push the buzzer, you got the answer wrong. How can you say that it’s my fault? Look at the other competitors. They didn’t fight for the buzzer.

“Who can you blame if you fought for it y

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