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Chapter 181: Comfort

Professor Liu slowly got up and smoothed out the wrinkles in his pants. “But, still, all in all, this loss is all my fault. I should not have underestimated you.”

Professor Guo clicked his tongue the moment he heard that. He had never liked Professor Liu’s arrogance.

“Underestimating me? Well, well, aren’t you superb at making excuses? Did you really forget how old Tan Mo is? Or how old your students are? Seriously, how long have your students been preparing for this tournament? Five, six years? They lost to a freshman, and all you have to say is that you’ve underestimated us? You should find a better excuse…” Professor Guo sighed.

He was right. Professor Liu had completely forgotten that Tan Mo was only a freshman as she had shone so brightly on the stage.

“Guo, come on, spill the beans,” Professor Liu laughed. “We’re all curious. Why don’t you tell us more about your new prodigy?”

Since Tan Mo was already part of his team at Beijing University, Professor Guo wasn’t afraid that the other universities would try and encourage her to join theirs. Thus he didn’t need to keep her identity a secret any longer.

“Tan Mo. She’s a 15-year-old freshman at my university. As soon as she got in, she became part of my research team.”

As for the fact that she was a student in the Finance Department and not the Chinese Department, Professor Guo decided not to mention it.

To be more precise, he’d forgotten all about it as well.

“Then, again, other than Shuang University, all of your presidents did head to B City personally and try to invite Tan Mo to your universities. Too bad their offers weren’t good enough when compared to President Mu’s,” Professor Guo said.

Some people might call President Mu of Beijing University a sly person, but it was a useful trait when it came to things like this. Professor Guo always believed that it was the slyness of President Mu that had won Tan Mo over to Beijing University.

However, if President Shi from Tsinghua University had been the one who had successfully recruited Tan Mo, then the tournament would have had a completely different ending.

Then, again, when Professor Guo thought about it, even if Tan Mo had gone to Tsinghua University, Professor Liu might not even have noticed her talent.

Since Tan Mo had been the highest scorer on the College Entrance Exam, it was natural for Professor Guo to know about her. He had invited her to his research team as soon as she was admitted to Beijing University. He was always proud of himself for spotting her talent.

But if she had headed to Tsinghua University, Professor Liu would not even have known who she was. Her talent would have been wasted if she had studied there.

When Professor Wu from Shuang University heard that her president had not invited Tan Mo to their university, she almost went insane.

What the hell are you doing? How can you be so unreliable? Did you not know that the presidents

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