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Chapter 176: Consider Your Hands Gone!

“Would each team please send their representative on stage,” the host said.

Every team was now carefully choosing who they wanted to compete for them. Only Beijing University was sitting idle. Some of the team members even wanted to head back to their resting room to grab a few snacks.

The Tsinghua University team was sitting right next to Beijing University’s. Seeing them acting so casually and relaxed made them angry.

The teacher who was in charge of the Tsinghua University team said “Huang Mingshun, you’re up. Your main expertise is in this field anyway.”

Huang Mingshun nodded and stood up. “I don’t believe that there’s any way that she could whiz through the third round the same way that she did for the first and second rounds.”

“People have their strengths, but they also have their weaknesses,” Zhang Xiaosheng said in a serious voice. “Her expertise in the first two fields is already highly admirable and so very unexpected. If you put her in Tsinghua’s Chinese Department, that would be top-notch behavior. She can’t continue to do as well in the third round.”

Zhao Xiaoou was crying in the corner as two of the other girls comforted her.

Shuang University, Tong University, Nan University, and Jiang University had sent up their representatives.

As she passed by Tan Mo, a senior from Shuang University quietly said, “We just discussed the situation with senior Guang. You don’t have to worry about us. If you can do what you did in the past two rounds in this third round, go for it. Don’t worry about us.”

Afterward, she left in a hurry… Just in case people saw and thought there was some sort of cheating going on…

When Nan University’s senior passed by, he also said in a hurry, “Don’t worry about us, just give it your all!”

Tong University and Jiang University’s seniors also came by with the same message.

When passing by Tan Mo, they all slowed down and quickly expressed their feelings.

It was obvious now that they didn’t mind Tan Mo’s actions at all.

Tan Mo didn’t say anything.

Just exactly how arrogant and flamboyant was Tsinghua University?

They must have really insulted the other universities.

Huang Mingshun was the last contestant to go on stage. He agreed with Tan Mo on the question of the buzzer.

“Tan Mo, my seniors have been humiliated enough by you,” he said angrily. “If you have the ability, do the same as you did before and fight for the buzzer without looking at the questions.”

“All right.” Tan Mo nodded. Then she replied, “But since it was your idea to tell me to do this, don’t say that I wasn’t giving you a chance to answer when I press the buzzer first.”

You seniors are so very weird…

Huang Mingshun choked. He didn’t actually think Tan Mo would agree.

Did she really plan to keep this tactic of hers going, or was this just a simple bluff?

Huang Mingshun couldn’t help himself. He had to ask. “Aren’t yo

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