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Chapter 146: Go and Find Professor Zhao

“Please don’t look so pitiful,” Professor Guo said exasperatedly. “Yuemu’s group does indeed have more difficult problems to solve. An additional person will add great strength to the team. What’s more, Tan Mo has a better grasp of ancient literature from the Warring States Era than Yuemu’s team. She will be a great help to us, and it would be a pity if she didn’t join Yuemu’s team.”

“Oh, right, Tan Mo, how many words do you recognize?” Shen Hongshan asked.

“I have never kept track or calculated that.” Tan Mo shook her head.

“True.” Shen Hongshan nodded his head. “No one has time for that.”

“Come on, let me explain how our team works.” Wang Yuemu didn’t waste any more time. She grabbed Tan Mo and started to introduce her to the process.

“We divide the materials and assign everyone a portion. It’s called teamwork. You should familiarize yourself with your assigned words, and, whenever you come across something you don’t understand, you should print it out and paste it onto the whiteboard. If someone else knows the answer, they will write it down. If no one can help, then you should check the dictionary.” Wang Yuemu continued to explain, “To be honest, that’s as simple as it gets, and I have nothing else to add. I will give you a section of the transcript later.”

After Wang Yuemu gave that introduction, she checked out her assigned share.

It was a thin little booklet.

“Try this first. Because this is a big project, it’s quite troublesome to undertake. Hence, everyone usually only gets a small section at any one time. If you do too much at one go, it will really suck away your brain power,” Wang Yuemu explained. “Once you’ve finished, you can let me know. I’ll give you another part. That’s basically it.

“Since everyone’s class schedules are different, there are no fixed times for our meetings. Like today, for example, a few of our fellow groupmates didn’t come because they’re having a class.” Wang Yuemu took Tan Mo over to the wall.

A miniature whiteboard was hanging on the wall.

A list of names was written on the whiteboard.

Wang Yuemu and the team all had their names written on it.

This was the name list of all the team members.

At the end of every name, a stipulated time was listed.

Sure enough, she heard Wang Yuemu explain, “This is the name list for our team. The time period listed at the end indicates their available times.

“We paste all the words we cannot recognize onto the board. When we aren’t around, other people can come and check out the whiteboard. If they recognize a word, they will write the answer next to it, and this way, we would be able to see it the next time we return.”

Tan Mo nodded her head. She understood.

It basically functioned like a messaging system.

“Take a look at your class schedule. Find a suitable time and write it behind your name.” As Wang Yuemu said this, she added Tan Mo’s name at the bottom

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