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Chapter 149: Why Don’t You Claim That the Professor Invited You?

This was so bizarre. She was brilliant, but perhaps she didn’t know how to overcome an awkward situation like this.

Although she had wanted to sit in on this class, she didn’t know if she could deal with the hostility of all the other students.

“Junior,” one of the second-year students in the class scoffed at her and said mockingly, “let me give you a piece of advice. You should make more intelligent choices. In life, you should progress one step at a time. It’s exactly the same as how you eat: food should be eaten bite by bite. In the same way, you should also learn a bit at a time. You shouldn’t attempt to run before learning how to walk. A single bite wouldn’t be sufficient to fatten someone up.”

Although Tan Mo really felt like leaving right this minute, she didn’t want Wu Xiaoye to gain the upper hand.

So she decided to continue to try to convince them. “Senior Wu Xiaoye was the one who asked me to sit in and listen.”

She’d decided not to bring up the fact that the professor had tried to recruit her.

First of all, no one would believe her. And secondly, everyone would really hate her if she said that.

Sure enough, one of the students sneered at her the moment she said this. “Why don’t you claim that Professor Zhao invited you here?”

“Do you think she’s stupid?” Someone else jumped into the conversation. “The professor will be arriving soon. If she claims that it was he who recruited her, wouldn’t she be exposed immediately? Senior Wu is currently pursuing his PhD degree and definitely won’t be present. Even if someone uses his name, he won’t know.”

“That’s true,” someone else piped up. “Professor Zhao doesn’t really bother about these matters. He wouldn’t care if an extra person sat in the classroom. After all, there isn’t much difference to him, whether it’s 21 or 20 students. If we had believed her and hadn’t said anything, the professor wouldn’t have said a word about it. She would almost certainly have succeeded in crashing the lecture.”

“Didn’t you already apologize to us? Didn’t you say that you were leaving? Why have you suddenly claimed that Senior Wu asked you here?” One more student spoke up. “What are you really trying to do?”

“So you’re saying that I can’t sit in for this lecture?” Tan Mo asked the class one more time.

“Of course!”

A few of them chimed in together. She had no idea how many people had spoken up since the room was quite noisy.

“Then I apologize for disturbing all of you.” Tan Mo nodded her head and turned around to leave. She was practically skipping she was so happy.

However, the instant she stepped out of the door of the classroom, she bumped into Wu Xiaoye in the corridor.

Wu Xiaoye was in the midst of transporting a table. It was a table for one person and wasn’t very heavy.

There was an overturned chair on the table.

“Tan Mo, where are you going?” Wu Xiaoye asked in sh

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