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Chapter 151: You’ve Got Nerve to Compare Yourself to Me

This is why the professor didn’t blame Wu Xiaoye.

“I wanted Tan Mo to drop by simply to get a taste of what we were doing. I could then roughly gauge her level. If she can already confidently master the current syllabus now, we could potentially move her over to a third-year class. And if the same thing happens in that class, then potentially a fourth year or research inquiries,” Professor Zhao explained.

The students were shocked as they looked toward Tan Mo.

“I just wanted her to see what the classes were like, and I wanted to weigh her knowledge.” Professor Zhao smiled lightly. “That’s why I said that she won’t be here too long.”

The professor hadn’t originally wished to say these things.

If Tan Mo were to sit in on his lectures and was able to keep up, then she might as well follow the more advanced ones too.

She could come and go quietly.

It wasn’t like it would affect anyone.

The other students shouldn’t have paid any attention.

However, seeing their reactions now, if Tan Mo suddenly left after attending a few classes, they would probably think that she hadn’t been able to keep up with their progress and had thus left the class quietly.

That was the only reason why Professor Zhao had mentioned this explicitly.

He looked at where Wu Xiaoye had seated her and nodded. “Those in the second row, would you all please move back one seat. Tan Mo is slightly smaller and shorter than you all.”

Tan Mo hadn’t even finished going through puberty. She was still growing.

“If she had to sit in the last row, her line of sight would be blocked by you all,” he continued.

This excuse was unanswerable. No one could really blame Professor Zhao. And now that he had actually asked them to move, those from the second row had no choice but to comply.

Tan Mo looked at Wu Xiaoye and thought, isn’t this excuse a good one?

You’ve got nerve to compare yourself to me.

But Tan Mo didn’t have the heart to make fun of Wu Xiaoye after seeing how embarrassed he was. Clearly, he blamed himself for not handling the situation well.

Tan Mo placed her table and chair in the spot that was now free.

Wu Xiaoye immediately got up to help her. “Allow me, allow me.”

He hurriedly moved the table and chair to its new position.

Tan Mo smiled. “Thank you for all this, senior.”

Wu Xiaoye scratched his head in faux annoyance. “What is there to thank me for? I didn’t handle today’s situation smoothly enough.”

Tan Mo laughed quietly. “I said this just now. You are someone who concentrates purely on academics and research, so it makes sense that you didn’t think this through very well. It’s precisely because of your pure and focused mindset that the professor values you so much.”

“Really?” Wu Xiaoye, who had always thought he was less impressive in comparison to Wang Yuemu, was now looking surprised as he listened to Tan Mo.


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