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Chapter 140: Childhood Sweethearts

“If this were the case, why should he have wasted time on you? Since everything you’ve done is about self-interest, he shouldn’t forgive you for the mistake you made. You just failed the assessment and were eliminated.” Tan Mo smiled contemptuously.

She had wasted too much time talking to such a stupid person for so long today and had even answered his questions.

She was too kind.

Tan Mo was too altruistic.

Other people wouldn’t necessarily have been as kind as she had been.

Hao Lunxing: “…”

He was unable to refute what Tan Mo had said.

He couldn’t say a single word in rebuttal.

“It seems that Brother Hao has nothing more to say, so I’m going to leave.” Tan Mo nodded toward Hao Lunxing and said, “In the future, don’t come to talk to me anymore.”

She and Ming Yeqing turned and walked a few steps forward.

But Tan Mo was not quite finished.

She stopped, turned around, and said to Hao Lunxing, “Actually you are a good match for Qin Murong.”

They were both scumbags.

“You should try to actually pursue her instead of just watching from the sidelines.” After Tan Mo had finished speaking, she left and didn’t look back.

After they had gone a little farther, Ming Yeqing couldn’t help but smile and say, “Is Qin Murong a garbage-recycling station? Why do you throw all the fools and idiots at her?”

When Ming Yeqing said that, suddenly Tan Mo discovered that it seemed to be true.

“Ugh, so far, I haven’t found a trash can bigger than Qin Murong.” Tan Mo thought about it for a while.

Yuan Keqing could also be counted as one, but she wasn’t as big a one as Qin Murong.

Tan Mo’s pace suddenly slowed down.

It was because Wei Zhiqian was standing in front of her.

He stood out in the crowd.

Everyone else was walking in the direction of the doorway, only he, as if he were a statue, was standing there motionless.

He was looking at Tan Mo with a warm smile.

“Little Uncle!” Tan Mo was pleasantly surprised.

On her first day of coming to Beijing University, Wei Zhiqian had come to see her.

On this day when the military training had ended, Wei Zhiqian had come again..

As soon as she saw him, Tan Mo forgot that Ming Yeqing was with her and made a beeline for Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian opened his arms and was ready for Tan Mo to pounce on him.

Tan Mo took off and was about to pounce, but then she stopped abruptly and took a step back instead.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

What was going on?

“What are you doing?” Wei Zhiqian silently pulled Tan Mo back toward him.

“I’m older now,” Tan Mo said. “I’m 15 years old, so I can’t cling to you like I did when I was a kid.”

Wei Zhiqian looked at Tan Mo. There were lots of people around.

After all, he has no blood relationship with Tan Mo, and Tan Mo is still a little girl, so some nasty rumors and gossip were unavoidable.

Wei Zhiqian looked at Tan Mo with a weird look.

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