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Chapter 135: Refrain from Playing Favorites

Wu Xiaoye looked at Tan Mo in amazement and said, “Although Gu Li is closer to modern Chinese characters than Xiao Zhuan, there are still many characters that are illegible. Learning Gu Li might not be that difficult, but it takes time. Even learning to recognize them, without learning to write them, is very time-consuming. Tan Mo, you’re only 15 years old. You had to deal with the college entrance examination, but your understanding of history and ancient classical Chinese is at least the same as ours. Now, you even know Guli. Do you have enough time to rest?”

“No wonder you didn’t skip any other grades.” Feeling that this made sense, Wang Yuemu nodded.

Besides having to go to school, Tan Mo’s being able to learn so much and so profoundly was already very rare.

If she can still skip grades in this situation, she would practically be beyond human.

Professor Gu was also very surprised and realized that Tan Mo might not need much time to translate it.

Tan Mo had also heard her Master read this book to her before.

Her Master had patiently explained what she didn’t understand to her.

Tan Mo nodded and put the book away carefully.

Judging by its thickness, it was probably only a portion of it.

Liye Qin Slips were slips left by the Qin dynasty.

The original slips were still kept in a museum. During the Qin dynasty, bamboo slips and wood chips were used for recording things.

Records of modern research were naturally saved electronically.

Older scholars like Professor Gu and Professor Tang preferred to record them in books.

They were almost finished talking about business, so Professor Tang asked Tan Mo and the others, “Have you all eaten?”

“I haven’t eaten yet. Just after the military training this morning, I met Brother Wu and Sister Wang.” After Tan Mo put the book in her bag, she put it back on. “Brother Wu and Sister Wang probably haven’t had time to eat yet either.”

“You’re right.” Brother Wu nodded and said, “Tan Mo, I’ll treat you to a meal. Although you won’t change your department, you will start to take my teacher’s class at the beginning of school, so you can legitimately be regarded as my junior, ha, ha, ha.”

In this round, his teacher, Professor Tang, had obviously won!

“I’ll go with you guys.” Wang Yuemu didn’t back down at all. “You still have to join our research team. Everyone will be teammates in the future.”

Wang Yuemu no longer considered herself a senior sister.

They were all teammates.

Without the pressure of seniority, this form of address seemed much more intimate than Wu Xiaoye’s.

“Let’s all go together,” Professor Tang stood up and said. “It just so happens that I haven’t eaten yet.”

He had been so busy today that he’d forgotten.

When Wu Xiaoye had called him, he had been about to stroll to the cafeteria for lunch.

Professor Gu: “…”

Only he had eaten.

Although Professor Gu ha

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