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Chapter 143: She Called This Decent

Tan Mo took the class schedule and books back to her dorm.

Professor Zhao was willing to put her in a sophomore class without even knowing her very well. That alone showed how much confidence the professor had in her.

On the first day of school, Tan Mo didn’t waste any time and took her translated work to Professor Guo.

“So fast!” Professor Guo was shocked. Tan Mo’s efficiency was way beyond what would normally be expected from a student.

Professor Guo knew all the content of the document by heart, and he knew which part was the hardest.

He looked over her work, including some of the more difficult words and the harder-to-translate places.

Everything was extremely accurate.

Tan Mo had done a very detailed job.

She had first translated the original text into modern simplified words.

Then, under every sentence, she had used a smaller font and translated each sentence into modern-day language for easier understanding.

Archaic Chinese often used very short sentences. However, this also meant that each word held much more meaning.

This is clearly shown through how the sentences increased in length after being translated.

After Tan Mo’s sentence-by-sentence translation, the thin stack of paper quickly grew in size and turned into a thick pile.

However, this also made understanding it much easier.

Looking at her organization alone, one could tell Tan Mo had really put some thought into it.

Professor Guo read it, nodding, “Not bad at all. I wasn’t expecting you to finish so soon.”

“These ancient writings…” Professor Guo smiled, “Don’t tell me you know all the words. You didn’t look up any references?”

Just looking up words would take a huge chunk of time.

“My memory is decent, so I remembered a lot of what l had learned in the past,” Tan Mo answered humbly.

Professor Guo: “…”

She called this decent.

Was this little girl trying to be humble or was she being sarcastic?

“Do you have another class after this?” Professor Guo checked the time.

“No.” Tan Mo shook her head.

She had come looking for Professor Guo knowing that she would be free for the rest of the day.

“Let’s go. I want to take you on a tour of the lab.” Professor Guo stood up, still holding the documents Tan Mo had translated.

“Professor Guo, I can carry them.” Tan Mo stretched out her hand.

That thick stack of paper was rather heavy.

Professor Guo smiled and handed the papers to Tan Mo without hesitation.

“The project that my team is working on is the organization of the ancient documents of the Hua Empire. After they’re organized, we will translate them all and publish them.” Professor Guo explained what they were working on on the way to the lab. “There are so many records, not limited to written ones on paper. Before paper-crafting techniques were popularized, china, metal, turtle shells, animal bones, cloth, and bamboo sheets were all

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