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Chapter 130: This Older Brother Was Really Eloquent

“I don’t learn much in class, but I do a lot of studying on my own after class. And there are plenty of topics that you will be able to study on your own. Are you sure you can skip grades?”

“It won’t be a big problem,” Tan Mo said confidently.

Qin Murong raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Tan Mo, you haven’t been exposed to university courses yet, so don’t be so blindly confident.” Qin Murong laughed mockingly and said, “The knowledge you learn in class is just a small portion of what you have to learn. You have to study many topics independently also. It’s not like in middle school and high school, where you simply remember what you were taught and then use it on the exams.

“In school, before university, everything was exam-oriented so that you could get high scores to ensure that you could get accepted into university. After entering Beijing University, this method won’t work any longer.” Qin Murong seemed as if she was trying to be helpful, but in fact she was mocking Tan Mo.

“I advise you to take things slowly and steadily, step by step, and don’t be so anxious to skip grade levels. Even if you try, you might not succeed.” Qin Murong said gently, “I know you skipped grade levels in the past, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been admitted at the age of 15.

“When you were in the first grade of elementary school, you skipped to the third grade,” Qin Murong said. “You didn’t skip any grades after that. The courses of the first grade of elementary school, to be honest, are really simple. Even for ordinary children, as long as they studied hard and listened carefully in class, getting perfect scores in one or two subjects wouldn’t be a problem.

“You were smart enough to skip to the third grade, and you never skipped any grades again.” Qin Murong spoke as if she had Tan Mo’s best interests at heart. “So you should study university courses slowly and steadily, step by step.

“After the third grade of elementary school, you didn’t skip any more grades. Now that you are at Beijing University, you still want to skip grades?” Qin Murong shook her head and said, “Tan Mo, I know you want to prove that you are excellent. You are very proud, but don’t be too conceited. It’s better to have a clear understanding of yourself and take things easy.”

She had only skipped grades in elementary school, yet she was pretending to be a genius.

She just wanted to use this as a ruse to let everyone know that Tan Mo was a fake genius.

After skipping the first grade of elementary school, she couldn’t skip any more grades.

She didn’t have any ability at all.

Lin Fuxi’s eyes gleamed. It seems that Tan Mo wasn’t all that capable.

She was actually pretty average.

The saying that being bright at an early age does not necessarily bring success probably refers to people like Tan Mo.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t want to be in the same cl

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