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Chapter 142: First Day of School

It was a shame that they didn’t have any connections in the film industry.

“Mo Mo is right. You might not be able to do anything, WE might not be able to do anything, even if you tell us everything. However, you have to tell us. As long as you don’t keep it bottled up but get it all out, you will feel much better.

“You have to remember, there are always people willing to hear you out. There is always a place for you to vent. If you don’t tell us anything, we will never know. Don’t try to shoulder everything. That is just stupid,” Xu Mingzhen continued. “Plus, it’s not like we truly can’t help. If you speak up, I’m sure the family will find a way to help you.”

Tan Wenci nodded. “Listen to your mother and your sister. Our company might not be as big or well-known as those of prestigious clans and families, but we are not nothing. There are some very famous actors who have asked for sponsorships from us. We could use those connections should the need arise.

“I didn’t think about that before. However, if you want to join that circle, I think it is time for us to familiarize ourselves with those big shots. This family will be your reliable backup no matter what. Plus, everyone in that circle is fairly sly, and I don’t think they’re the type who would pick on you for no reason. Still, you should be on your guard. There is nothing impossible in this world.”

“I know Brother Han Zhuoli too.” Tan Mo was not going to forget that.

“Knowing him is one thing, but he is not close to you like Wei Zhiqian. If you ask him for help, you would be asking him for a favor, and then he would be owing someone else a favor.”

Tan Mo agreed. “I know that. That’s exactly why I didn’t ask him to look for a director to guide big brother. Asking Brother Han Zhuoli isn’t as easy as asking a favor from a professor who’s begging me to take his class. I’m just trying to tell big brother here that we are not entirely clueless about the entertainment community. So if someone wrongs you, big brother, please don’t bottle it up.”

Although they have repeated it many times, Tan Mo had no way of knowing if Tan Jinqi had actually taken it to heart.

The same smile hung on his lips throughout the whole conversation.

Tan Mo hadn’t noticed when Tan Jinqi had begun to smile.

No matter who he looked at, the smile was the same. That smile never reached his eyes.

Still, it was hard to notice for an average person.

Everyone’s first impression of Tan Jinqi would be that he was a refined person with a gentle temperament.

Tan Mo noted silently, from whom did big brother learn this? It looked so deceiving.

“Rest assured,” Tan Jinqi began as he patted Tan Mo’s head, “if I kept it to myself, and you guys found out later, it would only make you all disappointed in me. There is no way I would do that.”

If he didn’t let himself be wronged, there would be no need to tell his family, and his family wouldn’t

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