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Chapter 145: You Can’t Just Steal People

Wang Yuemu was staring at Tan Mo intently as well.

She was also holding onto her hands tightly as if she was never letting go.

“Tan Mo, you’re not only proficient with clerical script, you even know Warring States scripts. You are a genius. Professor Guo really does have a good eye for people.”

Wang Yuemu knew how to flatter someone.

Of course, what she said was the truth as well.

Although everyone was friendly toward Tan Mo, it was hard to tell from looks alone.

However, as of now, there was no more room for doubt.

Everyone was completely convinced of her ability.

No one could find any reasonable way to question her, both out loud or in their thoughts.

“I don’t know that much.” Tan Mo waved her hand dismissively.

Although she had an astonishing memory, she had never really looked into this area. Therefore she really couldn’t call herself an expert in this field.

Should she get the chance to go back and look into it, there might be chance for her to memorize all of it.

However, that giant brick of a dictionary sitting on Pu Xinyan’s desk looked way too heavy.

She simply did not have the interest or motivation to look through it.

“What’s going on?” Ying Siyuan ran over from the other side of the room. “You can’t just snatch people.”

If not for the fact that Tan Mo was a girl and Ying Siyuan was a guy, he would have grabbed Tan Mo into a gigantic hug so that she couldn’t be stolen by others.

Now, he could only beckon to his teammates, “Guan Ruyue, come over here and grab Tan Mo out of Wang Yuemu’s grasp!”

Wang Yuemu: ” …”

Tan Mo: “….”

This senior brother Ying Siyuan must be a clown.

But to their surprise, the senior sister Guan Ruyue actually came over.

She grabbed Tan Mo’s hands. “Senior sister Wang, please let go of Tan Mo. We can talk this over.”

You can’t just steal people.

Professor Guo’s team was extremely hard to join. Even if someone was lucky enough to join, if they didn’t have outstanding abilities, the others on the team wouldn’t want them to join.

Even though they were indeed short of people.

To be precise, they were short of talented people.

They were not going to let just anyone join.

What they needed were people like Tan Mo.

At this moment, neither side wanted to give up and let go of Tan Mo.

“Excuse me! Gentlemen settle disputes through communication rather than brawls.” Another senior brother from Ying Siyuan’s team, Wu Jiazhen, walked over.

You could persuade people to join, but you should not force them.

“Senior sister Wang, look, Professor Guo gave her a part of the Liye Qin Slips. This means that he wants Tan Mo to join our team.” Ying Siyuan thought that was evidence enough.

“Tan Mo has just finished the assignment. It’s still fresh. You can’t just come over and steal people like this.” Ying Siyuan looked at Wang Yuemu’s team with suspicion.

Wang Yue

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