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Chapter 150: Nothing Wrong with the Way They Thought

“No one will need to work hard. If they want to attend our class, they will be able to simply sit in,” someone else added.

“Indeed, Senior Wu, making arrangements to add one more person might not seem like a big deal to you. What’s the difference between lecturing to a class of 20 and a class of 21? An additional person won’t change much. But have you ever considered the possibility that other students might hear about this? Somebody who had not earned a spot could still attend a lecture by sitting in. If other students follow her example, then what will our hard work amount to? Everyone will just sit in. We’d have to have a bigger classroom and organize the lecture on a larger scale.”

“That’s right!” Everyone enthusiastically chimed in.

Wu Xiaoye frowned. He sighed and turned to speak to Tan Mo apologetically. “I’m sorry, I didn’t take care of this well. I didn’t expect everyone to be so strongly opposed to having someone sit in.”

“Senior, you don’t seem to understand why they are opposed to this,” Tan Mo said.

“You understand why?” Wu Xiaoye was very puzzled.

He wasn’t looking down on Tan Mo.

However, Tan Mo was only 15 years old.

Even if her IQ was sky high, she probably wouldn’t be able to fully understand the psychological state of these people, would she?

“To be honest, I completely understand where they are coming from,” Tan Mo said. “Senior Wu, I’m sure you feel that learning is a good thing. You probably think that more people should be encouraged to have this thirst for learning. It doesn’t bother you that other people are learning the exact same subjects. You’ve already gotten used to doing research with Professor Zhao and have devoted all your energy to your academics. You wholeheartedly desire to learn more and unearth the mysteries of ancient history. You want to know more and allow this world to have a better understanding of history.

“You’re in the same position as the professor. Both of you have transcended the need to compete and are at a more advanced stage of life. In your research work, you are concerned with spreading knowledge, rather than accumulating knowledge for yourself. Both of you are responsible for disseminating knowledge, while we are the recipients of such knowledge.

“Your mind is set on the past and future of the world.” History was the study of the past, while leaving records for the future.

“But they are different from you.” Tan Mo did not single anyone out.

Everyone present knew that Tan Mo was referring to the students in the classroom. Wu Xiaoye and the 20 students knew who she was talking about.

“They are still at the stage of life where competition is vital. They want to catch the attention of the professor in order to gain a place on his research team or gain apprenticeship as his mentee. If they succeed at that, they might get a recommendation letter that will enable them to enter the work

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