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Chapter 166: Beijing University Will Always Be Best

“What? Even if it were possible, you don’t actually want to let Tan Mo single-handedly handle the competition all by herself, do you?” Ying Siyuan kicked him in the shin. “You certainly have your head up in the clouds!”

PFFT! Shen Hongshan cleared his throat. “But remember, we can’t win like she does… It’s not as if we have an option…”

Ying Siyuan didn’t have any reply for that.

“Even though winning like that would still be a win for us, it would also be a bit embarrassing for us, wouldn’t it?” Ying Siyuan rubbed her chin as she thought about it.

“If worse comes to worst, I’ll just pull an all-nighter and force myself to be prepared,” said Ling Zimu as she clenched her fists.

“Also, that would mean that you all wouldn’t get the chance to shine. Don’t you care about that?” asked Wang Yuemu. “Siyuan and I have already entered competitions before, so it doesn’t matter too much to us. But you all should have a chance to display your abilities and also see just exactly what rewards you could reap after all your hard work. In addition, if Tan Mo were to win the competition for us single-handedly, aren’t you all afraid that we’ll become a laughingstock?”

Chen Shihua shrugged his shoulders. “That doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather get treated as a joke in school than by the majority of the public. It’s better to win any way we can.”

Pu Xinyan nodded; as did Guan Ruyue. “You have to understand that it’s not that we lack confidence in ourselves. But if we do go onstage, there will definitely be questions that we can’t answer. But Tan Mo is different from us. She knows the answer to all the questions. The only thing she’ll need to worry about is how fast she can get to the buzzer. She really is our best chance at winning the competition.”

“If that’s what you all agree on, we can try it,” said Wang Yuemu. “There aren’t any strict rules on which competitors to send onstage. It’s just that most professors wish to send all their competitors onstage so that they can gauge their abilities. It’d be a shame not to do this.

“To be honest, I don’t think the other professors are necessarily like this. But to Professor Guo, winning or losing doesn’t really matter all that much. His main aim is to experience this competition and learn from it.” Wang Yuemu laughed. “Of course, this year it is different. With the provocations he’s taken from Professor Liu, Professor Guo is really very much worried about losing face. If we do let Tan Mo make a clean sweep of a win, it would definitely shame the other opponents. Professor Guo’d be delighted at that.

“But then, after that fleeting moment of happiness, he’d be scolding you all too.”

The crowd shut up at that.

Whatever… No matter… They’d thought this through already.

It was just that they felt they were useless compared to Tan Mo. And they realized if they wanted to win the competition, they’d have to let Tan Mo single-

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