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Chapter 161: Number 79

Lin Fuxi immediately closed her eyes. She held her tears in. She couldn’t cry. That would mean she was a loser.

After realizing that Tan Mo had ranked first in the exam, the class slowly shifted toward looking at the top ten and then searching for their own placings also.

There was no need for them to search row by row for this. Right below the table that displayed the actual marks were the ranking lists.

It was filled with numbers. As long they weren’t at the very bottom, then most people were satisfied with their grades. Rankings didn’t matter that much to them in this test.

But they were also desperate to know Lin Fuxi’s ranking.

It seemed as if Lin Fuxi should’ve done well. And, of course, someone did indeed find her place: Lin Fuxi was ranked at number 79.

It definitely was her name that was written on the site. It was in between the names of students from the Chinese Department.

If it hadn’t been for the entire ruckus caused by Tan Mo, many of her classmates would have been praising her now.

The only names that weren’t from the Chinese Department that were ranked in the top 100 were Tan Mo and Lin Fuxi. Tan Mo had ranked first! It took everyone’s breath away.

Once they all saw where Lin Fuxi was placed, they all scrolled directly to the very bottom.

“Hey, that’s insane! To think that someone got only three points.” Someone laughed in the crowd. It really did prove how some people hadn’t studied or revised at all.

Some people had really just pushed their luck after signing up for this. Weren’t they worried that they’d be made into a laughingstock?

That was another kind of bravery.

Lin Fuxi closed the tab. She then proceeded to shut down her computer.

If it hadn’t been for Tan Mo, she really would have been ranked first for the students outside the Chinese Department.

Who could see that and not praise her?

But now, with all that had happened, the spotlight that was supposed to be hers had shifted to Tan Mo. She had really been left with none of the attention.

Someone’s voice from outside the door echoed into the room. “Is Tan Mo here?”

The crowd looked up. It was Wang Yuemu and Guan Ruyue.

Everyone knew who Wang Yuemu was, especially those from the first-year Finance class. She had gone to find Tan Mo during the early days of their military training.

On the other hand, not everyone knew who Guan Ruyue was. But it seemed as if her relationship with Wang Yuemu was deeper than met the eye.

“Sister Wang, Sister Guan!” Tan Mo stood up and waved at them enthusiastically.

“Give me a second to just shut off the computer. I’ll be right with you,” she said. The two waited outside the door.

Meng Yuxi and Jin Yuelin nodded as Tan Mo told them she would be leaving first.

She met the two who were waiting outside. “What are you two doing here?” she asked excitedly.

We were just in a classroom upstairs,” said Wang Yuemu. “We all w

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