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Chapter 134: Give One!

Professor Tang had a personal relationship with the director, so although he would still be indebted to him, it would be a more equal barter.

She would be able to just make more contributions to Professor Tang’s team in order to return the favor.

Professor Gu: “…”

Old Tang has always been so cunning.

Why didn’t he think of this idea?

“Tan Mo, I too…” Professor Gu said.

Tan Mo looked over at him with her bright eyes and asked, “Professor Gu, do you know any musicians or artists? Ordinary musicians won’t work. They are all so proud of their creations, and they are very stuck up and can’t be teachers.”

This wasn’t the same as learning from film directors.

“Also, my second brother is very talented, so average people can’t teach him,” Tan Mo said. “For the artist, the requirements aren’t very high, someone at the level of Dong Yanzhen will do.” Tan Mo looked at Professor Gu expectantly.

Professor Gu: “…”

This was all Old Tang’s fault for mentioning Hou Yuehai. Because of this, the girl had high expectations.

She expects someone at Dong Yanzhen’s level.

Where can he find such a person?

“I know a master of ink painting. He is indeed at the same level as Dong Yanzhen, but your third brother studies oil painting.” They weren’t in the same field.

Tan Mo was disappointed, and her eyes that had been shining brightly dimmed now.

Professor Gu: “…”

Was he really willing to be beaten by Old Tang?

Does he have to make a deal with this little girl for her to come learn from him?

The point is that he can’t find the right people to mentor her three brothers.

Professor Gu felt exasperated.

This was his first time begging a student to come take his class.

Before the students had been the ones begging him, and they had to meet his requirements.

Even if they had the desire to learn, if they didn’t have the qualifications, he wouldn’t accept them as disciples.

A student of Beijing University coming to his class was different from becoming one of his disciples.

The same was true for Professor Tang.

What the two had said to Tan Mo was that Tan Mo had the capabilities to get special treatment.

The most important thing was that she was only 15 years old.

There were many more years for her to learn, and her potential was huge.

This was what they valued the most about her.

Professor Gu glanced aside and saw that Professor Tang was now looking relaxed.

He had obviously completed his task here, so he was relaxed and could watch the show from the sidelines.

Professor Gu was furious.

He thought for a while, then said to Tan Mo, “Your second brother is studying music. I really don’t have any acquaintances in this area. Your third brother is studying art, and I can try that area. Although I only know a master of ink painting, it’s still in the art industry so he must know masters of oil painting. Dong Yanzhen isn’t possible. He

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