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“Auntie Wei missed you.” Xu Mingzhen smiled gently. “Are you afraid that no one will play with you there? Don’t worry. Isn’t your brother Keli there? He will play with you.”

“I don’t want to play with him.” Since she knew how cold-hearted and treacherous Wei Keli would be in the future, she didn’t want to establish any relationship with him. Tan Mo felt that there was no need to interact with Wei Keli at all.

Xu Mingzhen was taken aback and asked, “Why? Did he bully you?”

On the other hand, Tan Mo couldn’t slander Wei Keli either.


Up until now, Wei Keli had treated her very well.

He took care of her and let her have her way in everything.

Of course, this was all before her calculating cousin had appeared.

After knowing that Wei Keli would harm her because of her scheming cousin, Tan Mo didn’t bother to show Wei Keli her level of tea art.


“No, he didn’t,” Tan Mo muttered. “It’s just that he’s boring to play with.”

“Let us go with our sister.”

Upon hearing the voice of the Tan family’s third child, Xu Mingzhen tilted her head and then saw Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi following behind their older brother Tan Jinqi.

“Jinqi has a photography class later. Jinsheng has a piano lesson. And, Tan Jinyi, you have an oil painting lesson.” Xu Mingzhen took notice of each. “Where would the three of you be accompanying your sister to?”

At this time, the family’s maid, Auntie Guo, came upstairs. “Madam, Miss Keqing is here.”


Xu Mingzhen was taken aback. “Why did she come today?”

Xu Mingjing said before that she wanted to bring Yuan Keqing over to play today.

It’s just that she had made the appointment with Li Xiangrong a long time ago. Today, she was taking Tan Mo to the Wei family’s house. She informed Xu Mingjing about it beforehand.

Therefore, Xu Mingjing and Yuan Keqing should know that she and Tan Mo wouldn’t be here today.

Xu Mingzhen was obviously surprised and then immediately went downstairs to pick up Yuan Keqing.

Tan Jinyi curled his lips. “Why is she here again?”

“I think she did it on purpose,” Tan Jinqi said coldly.

“What do you think is her purpose? Brother, quickly, spill the beans.” Tan Mo was also interested.

“Brother, please tell me as well.”

As soon as Tan Jinqi lowered his head, he saw that his younger brothers and sister were all looking at him.

Suddenly, Big Brother Tan felt like a hero.

Expectant eyes were on him.

At this time, Tan Jinqi, who had grown up to be a 14-year-old boy, explained to his brothers and sister, “Our aunt knew that today, Mom was going to take our sister to the Wei family’s house, yet she still sent Yuan Keqing here. She definitely wanted Mom to bring Yuan Keqing along with them.”

Tan Jinqi took the opportunity to educate his younger brothers and sister, “You should all be careful of Yuan Keqing. Despite her young age, she’s very scheming.”


At such a young age, she was already so cal

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