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Chapter 31: I Also Want to Go to Jixia Academy

Xu Mingjing deliberately asked her sister in front of other people to force her to answer.

Otherwise, Xu Mingzhen would appear selfish and didn’t want to help her younger sister.

Xu Mingzhen couldn’t help but think, ‘What was Mingjing’s motive in asking me in front of others?’

Xu Mingzhen’s smile disappeared. “What means do we have? We only got a spot to go to Jixia Academy. If there was a way, I would have transferred all three of my sons to Jixia Academy instead of letting them stay in Shijing. I don’t want my children to go to different schools.”

Without three older brothers to look after Tan Mo, she was really worried.

Dong Hanbi liked Tan Mo’s attentiveness. As Xiao Menghan said, if Tan Mo turned out to be mean, she would solve the problem when the time comes.

From the looks of it now, Tan Mo still appeared kind.

Dong Hanbi said to Xu Mingzhen, “Mrs. Tan, don’t worry. My daughter will be there too. Qin Muye and Tan Mo could accompany each other. Muye is straightforward, while Mo Mo is attentive. They complement each other.”

Xu Mingzhen was a little worried at first, but now that Dong Hanbi took the initiative to talk about it, she was relieved.

Everyone stayed for a while, and then Li Xiangrong said goodbye first.

Dong Hanbi and Xu Mingjing sensed that they shouldn’t stay for too long, so they also said goodbye.

Tan Mo sent Qin Muye to the car. When there were no other people around, Qin Muye whispered, “Your suggestion was really useful! Just yesterday, Qin Murong helped Qin Muxiao ask for my things again. I just agreed as you said, but I didn’t give it to them, and that made them very angry! You should have seen their faces.”

Qin Muye excitedly grabbed Tan Mo’s hand and shook it.

“Mo Mo, thank you for talking it through with Muye and encouraging her to tell us the truth.” In this regard, Dong Hanbi was sincerely grateful to Tan Mo. “Otherwise, Muye would have been bullied right under our noses. It might be too late for us to do something.”

“You’re welcome,” Tan Mo responded. She was neither proud nor humble.

Dong Hanbi was also taken aback. She was accustomed to seeing those who had to be humble in the face of everything, and some would even appear hypocritical.

She was a little unaccustomed to Tan Mo’s unceremonious response.

However, immediately, Dong Hanbi laughed, and the smile reached her eyes.

She liked this kind of response. It wasn’t fake nor insincere.

Tan Mo not only was witty and shrewd but also had the innocence of her age, which was really rare.

She didn’t know how the Tan family raised their children to have such a well-rounded and clever child.

“Then we will see you when school starts. We will wait for you at the school gate. Shall we go in together then?” Qin Muye looked at Tan Mo expectantly.

“Okay.” Tan Mo stretched out her little finger. “I’ll make a pinky promise with you.”


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