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Tan Mo said to Yuan Keqing meaningfully, “Cousin, fortunately, there was no one else here. This older sister definitely will not spread the word after hearing this. Otherwise, you would have garnered negative sentiment for our family. What is the Tan family’s status compared to those of all these families? Including my parents and brothers, they have never dared to think that they are above others. If other people hear you, they’ll laugh at the Tan family for not knowing our place, won’t they?”

Although Tan Mo appeared to be a six-year-old, she had the wisdom of a thousand-year-old little snow fairy. In her previous life, she always listened to her master’s reading, preaching about scriptures, and discussion of Taoism.

Even adults could barely rival her sharp tongue, let alone Yuan Keqing and Qin Muxiao.

Qin Muxiao didn’t know how she should flare up anymore.

Who was her sister?

She had been shouting sister nonstop!

Yuan Keqing was both angry and anxious. Tan Mo’s remarks completely disassociated the Tan family from ‘her’ family.

“But, Cousin, how can you say that? The Tan family is very good.” Yuan Keqing was observing Qin Muxiao as she said, “Even today’s invitations were given by Uncle Wei Zhiqian himself.”

Yuan Keqing didn’t dare to directly call Wei Zhiqian Little Uncle here.

Qin Muxiao’s face darkened when she heard this.

She was here to cause trouble, but she couldn’t find a suitable excuse at the moment.

Her eyes fell on the Sleeping Beauty doll that Tan Mo was holding.

“You, give me this doll to play with,” Qin Muxiao demanded while pointing to the doll in Tan Mo’s arms.

Tan Mo’s eyes brightened. The opportunity came.

She hugged the doll tighter, then shook her head and said, “This is my favorite doll. I can’t give it to you.”

She really liked this doll, but the reason for her carrying it with her wasn’t just because she liked it.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing love to snatch her things?

The more she liked it, the more Yuan Keqing wanted to grab it.

She brought the doll out today so Yuan Keqing would no doubt find an excuse to try to take it.

She just didn’t expect that Yuan Keqing hadn’t made a move yet, then another villain, Qin Muxiao, appeared.

But it didn’t matter. It’s all the same.

Originally, Tan Mo only wanted to protect her parents and brothers from the tragedy of their previous life.

But after so many years of getting along, they were now her closest family members.

She was Tan Mo now, not the bullied one from her previous life as a little snow fairy.

At present, she was Tan Mo. Therefore, she would not let Yuan Keqing off the hook.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing love to scheme against people?

Tan Mo narrowed her eyes. She had already guessed what Yuan Keqing would say next.

“What a lame toy! You cherish such a trashy doll so much.” Qin Muxiao curled her lips in contempt. “Look at how ignorant you are. How embarrassing!”

Yuan Keqing seeme

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