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Chapter 28: No Such Thing as Coincidence

When Li Xiangrong heard this, her face darkened.

She lowered her head to look at Wei Keli.

This stinky rascal left Tan Mo alone last time and went to comfort Yuan Keqing again?

Tan Mo didn’t know what was wrong with her, but every time she saw Wei Keli, she wanted to set him up.

If she didn’t, she would feel uncomfortable.

She would rather do something to Wei Keli than feel uncomfortable.

Wei Keli didn’t notice it. He smiled and emphasized, “It’s nothing. I should take care of my sister. Mo Mo, thank you for not blaming me at all.”

Xu Mingzhen was secretly fuming with anger.

Fortunately, she had already given up on Wei Keli.

But seeing his reaction now, she couldn’t help being angry.

Mo Mo wasn’t angry because she was understanding and kind.

How could Wei Keli face Tan Mo and act as if nothing happened?

“Come and sit down.” Xu Mingzhen led them to the living room.

Not long after they sat down, the doorbell rang again.

Auntie Guo went to the door, but she came back shortly after. “Madam.”

Looking at Auntie Guo’s expression, Xu Mingzhen knew she had something important to say.

Xu Mingzhen was also curious as to why Aunt Guo didn’t open the door.

She didn’t know who was outside.

Xu Mingzhen walked to the door with Auntie Guo, only to see Aunt Guo pointing to the intercom and saying, “Mrs. Yuan and Keqing are here.”

Xu Mingzhen looked at the screen of the intercom. She was annoyed. “I didn’t call them.”

“It just so happens that they are here today. This…” Auntie Guo was aware of the family’s attitude towards Yuan Keqing.

She was okay with Xu Mingjing, but Yuan Keqing was unwelcome.

Besides, Li Xiangrong and Wei Keli were here today, but Xu Mingjing and Yuan Keqing didn’t inform them in advance that they were visiting.

Auntie Guo didn’t know whether or not to open the door.

Xu Mingzhen sneered, “They must have known that Wei Keli is coming today.” She shook her head. “No such thing as coincidence.”

Wei Keli must have informed Yuan Keqing that he would be here, so they came here on purpose.

Xu Mingzhen couldn’t even think of how Yuan Keqing could be so calculating at such a young age.

She was so young, yet she was already eyeing Wei Keli.

It’s a pity that Yuan Keqing’s intelligence wasn’t used for the right reasons.

Yuan Keqing hadn’t seen that Wei Keli wasn’t a reliable person.

Xu Mingzhen felt that Yuan Keqing was too young to think about marriage and children.

At most, she knew that Wei Keli was a member of the Wei family, so clinging to him had advantages.

But she clearly hadn’t considered what good she could bring upon Wei Keli.

Even if Wei Keli was really coaxed by Yuan Keqing, Li Xiangrong wasn’t foolish.

“Let them come in.” Xu Mingzhen’s voice was cold, and she was a little disappointed with her sister. They had just talked about Yuan Keqing crashing a party.

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