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With her chin raised while looking at Tan Mo triumphantly, Qin Muxiao looked high and mighty, as if waiting for her subjects to pay tributes.

Unexpectedly, Tan Mo suddenly ran away with the doll in her arms.

Everyone was stunned. Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao thought that the matter was over. Who would have thought that out of the blue, Tan Mo would suddenly run away?

“Go after her!” Qin Murong was a second or two slow before thinking of running after Tan Mo.


Wei Keli quickly moved.

Qin Muxiao and Yuan Keqing were younger and had shorter legs, so they lagged behind.

Qin Murong saw that Tan Mo was actually heading in Wei Zhiqian’s direction, and she suddenly felt nervous.

If Tan Mo talked nonsense to Wei Zhiqian, it wouldn’t look good on her. Wei Zhiqian might despise her.

“Sister Murong, don’t worry.” Wei Keli’s voice sounded lowly behind her. “Mo Mo has only met Little Uncle once and is not familiar with him.”

Qin Murong paused for a while, then breathed a sigh of relief.

She smiled at Wei Keli.

Wei Keli was kind and intimate with her, so he acknowledged that she would become his future aunt.

It’s just that she and Wei Zhiqian had not been engaged yet, so Wei Keli should not address her as such. Wei Keli had always called her ‘Murong Sister’.

Wei Keli’s touching gestures made Qin Murong very happy. She patted Wei Keli’s arm affectionately and said, “I’ll remember how you helped me today.”

Wei Keli was not mature enough to be able to control his emotions. His youthful face was filled with joy.

If he could have a good relationship with the future wife of the family heir, his life would be much better in the future.

Soon, Qin Murong heard Tan Mo called, “Little Uncle!”

Qin Murong sneered. “At a young age, she already has no shame! They have only met once, yet she’s already calling Zhiqian Little Uncle. Does she really think that anyone can call him that?”

In terms of seniority, there was nothing wrong with Tan Mo calling him that way.

But now, the target was Wei Zhiqian, and only recognized people could call him that way.

Otherwise, one would only suffer embarrassment.

Waiting for Tan Mo to be embarrassed, Qin Murong snorted. In the future, Tan Mo shouldn’t even think about trying to squeeze into their circle.

Qin Murong saw that Tan Mo bumped into Wei Zhiqian’s leg, but her arrogance didn’t last for more than 10 seconds. She saw Wei Zhiqian bending over to hug Tan Mo.

Qin Murong’s expression became unsightly.

Instead of reprimanding Tan Mo, Wei Zhiqian even picked her up!

With an impassive expression on her face, Qin Murong turned around to look at Wei Keli. “Didn’t you say they are unfamiliar with each other? Why was Wei Zhiqian bending over to pick her up?”

Wei Keli also couldn’t understand.

They really were unfamiliar with each other!

They had only met once, so how familiar could they be?


However, judging by Wei Zhiqia

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