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Xu Mingzhen only knew to scold her, but why not scold Tan Mo?

Xu Mingzhen looked at Tan Mo. She also wanted to take the opportunity to talk to her daughter.

Unexpectedly, she heard Tan Mo say, “Uncle Zhiqian told me to call him that.”

“Young Master Wei said you could call him that?” Xu Mingzhen was surprised. No wonder when Tan Mo called him Little Uncle, Wei Zhiqian didn’t seem taken aback.

Xu Mingzhen thought that it was because Wei Zhiqian didn’t want to make a fuss since Tan Mo was basically a child.

Looking back, she realized that how could Wei Zhiqian be someone who wouldn’t care just because of Tan Mo’s young age?

“Yes.” Tan Mo nodded. “He insisted that I called him ‘Little Uncle.’ I had to even if I didn’t want to.”

Tan Mo thought, ‘I’m telling the truth.’

She originally wanted to call him Older Brother, but Wei Zhiqian refused. He insisted that she called him Little Uncle.

Xu Mingzhen looked gratified. “It’s because our Mo Mo is likable. If that’s the case, you can continue to call him that way. You don’t need to avoid it.”

Yuan Keqing exploded on the side.

Tan Mo could call him that and didn’t need to avoid it.

When Yuan Keqing called him that, Xu Mingzhen wasn’t happy.

Talk about having double standards!


The car pulled over at the entrance of the Tan family’s villa. Yuan Keqing was about to get out of the car with them but was stopped by Xu Mingzhen. “Keqing, you have been out for most of the day, and it’s already late. Your mom is probably worried now after not seeing you at home. You should now go home first. You can come back to play with Mo Mo next time.”

After she finished speaking, before Yuan Keqing could utter a word, Xu Mingzhen ordered the driver to take Yuan Keqing home.

When the car left, Xu Mingzhen took Tan Mo’s hand and went into the house.

Tan Mo was surrounded by her three older brothers as soon as she entered the house.

“Mo Mo, how was your play date? Were you bullied?” her second brother Tan Jinsheng asked.

“It’s okay, but it was also a bit unpleasant.” Tan Mo didn’t want to keep it a secret.

Although the three older brothers didn’t like Yuan Keqing very much, it wouldn’t hurt to inform them about Yuan Keqing’s character.

They might not like her now, but that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be deceived by Yuan Keqing or others like her in the future.

Tan Mo should also make them realize that Wei Keli was unreliable, lest they have a good impression of Wei Keli and be quite satisfied with him.

Tan Mo still remembered that in her last life, her three older brothers doted on their sister, so their requirements for their future brother-in-law were particularly strict.

The other aspects didn’t matter that much, but he had to be nice to their sister.

As long as Yuan Keqing wasn’t around, Wei Keli had always been obedient to Tan Mo.

Her parents and three older brothers were all blinded by this impression, and they

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