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“Okay. Come down quickly. Just look at how tired your brother is.” Xu Mingzhen smiled as she said, “We should set off too.”

Tan Jinqi breathed a sigh of relief. He really couldn’t carry Tan Mo anymore.

He quickly put Tan Mo down. Even his hands were shaking.

Tan Mo raised her head to look at Tan Jinqi. “Brother, are you tired?”

Tan Jinqi hid his trembling hands behind his back and smiled. “I’m not tired.”

Tan Jinqsheng said, “I envy my eldest brother. He can hold Mo Mo for so long.”

Tan Jinqyi chimed in, “I also envy eldest brother!”

The hands that were hidden behind Tan Jinqi’s back were clenched tightly, and he struggled to keep a steady composure.



Xu Mingzhen brought Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to Wei Keli’s house.

When Li Xiangrong saw Tan Mo, she held her in her arms and kissed her twice. “Our little Mo Mo is really getting more and more beautiful. You haven’t seen me for so long. Have you missed me?”

“I missed you.” Tan Mo puckered her lips.

Li Xiangrong immediately tucked the loose hair behind her ears and put her cheek forward. Tan Mo planted a kiss on Li Xiangrong’s cheek.

“Mo Mo.” Wei Keli looked at Tan Mo eagerly, his face full of joy.

Tan Mo looked at the 10-year-old boy in front of her. He was really good to her, and he had never done anything mean to her nor had he bullied her.

“Brother Keli,” Tan Mo greeted him and smiled sweetly.

Tan Mo didn’t want to harm him as early as now.

As long as Wei Keli treated her well, then she would still play with him.

However, if Wei Keli wronged her, then he shouldn’t blame her for being merciless when she retaliated.


It’s just that it would be impossible for her to like Wei Keli.

“This is…?” Li Xiangrong noticed Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen smiled and introduced her, “This is my niece, Yuan Keqing. She came over to see Mo Mo and play with her at home today. Unfortunately, she had no one to look after her at home, so she went to our house. We did promise that we would come by, so I thought of bringing her here.”

Li Xiangrong didn’t mind. Since she was the junior of her best friend, she was her junior as well.

Li Xiangrong instructed Wei Keli, “You take your two younger sisters to play and take good care of them.”

Wei Keli agreed and led Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to play.

“You’re Mo Mo’s younger sister, so you’re also my younger sister,” Wei Keli said gently. “Don’t be too reserved and just tell me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Brother Keli.” Right after speaking, Yuan Keqing looked at Tan cautiously before saying, “Can I call you that too? Can I call you Brother Keli?”

Wei Keli looked at the little girl who appeared timid in front of him. Her round eyes appeared like those of a deer who had stumbled into a dangerous forest.

After Yuan Keqing finished speaking, she suddenly glanced at Tan Mo, then lowered her head in fear, shook her head, and said, “It’s okay. Treat it as if I

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